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Product of the week: RF 2014 Diary

Stuck on a Christmas present, or looking for a little treat for yourself? Well the perfect gift could just be this beautiful 2014 diary created by Roger Fitzhardinge.

Roger Fitzhardinge Diary 2014 5

Roger Fitzhardinge is not only a coach and FEI dressage rider but a great photographer who has a real flare and quirkiness to his work.

Roger has produced the most stunning photographic weekly diary for 2014 and has 52 weeks (pages) with room daily for notes and the photography is simply spectacular. It will make you laugh and bring emotion. Each page of the 52 weeks contains 8 photos and varied and wonderful they are. It is an absolute must have and is available through several leading saddleries or on line at 


They will not only make a great diary for your own use but the perfect gift and the photos are not simply horses but a great plethora of interest. At only $20 they are great value and limited numbers printed. They are extraordinary!

Roger Fitzhardinge Diary 2014

Here is the preamble that leads in to the diary that also has a great year planner also and it’s a great size being 15cm x 21 cm. the preamble will give you the passion with which Roger not only takes his photos but imparts his love of life.

Roger's Preamble

There is something wonderfully compelling, conjuring and illusional about a photo. Whether it’s a photo that relates to you personally, or a one that is totally unconnected to you and your life. A photo evokes a lot of imagination. Cold hard reality, or perhaps the fantasy or the inflexible truth of a moment captured forever in a still photo that will never move on. You may wish it was your moment, or some thing that you may not want to think about, but there it is, absolutely for real and still photographic evidence . It’s factual, yet can seem dream like or unbelievable yet it is categorically authentic and real.  

Roger Fitzhardinge Diary 2014 2

Any photo can take you on a journey that is special to you, your own personal thoughts and imaginings. It is insightful, a meditation, it’s a reality to let your own mind drift upon.

It will be my pleasure to encourage you, every day of the coming year, to take a moment to dream and ponder the thoughts that float in and out of your mind when you look at the photo of each day of each week of each month of this year.  There are 365 of them and every one will take you on a journey, if you allow it to do so. Allow your mind a few moments to do what it wants each day. Let go. Allow yourself the freedom to dream of whatever you want when you look fervently at the picture that relates to the day. Don’t concentrate, just be loose, even lost and mull over whatever the photo conjures in your mind. Do not go against the suggestion.  Follow along and allow yourself a moment of solitude that is yours. You need not be answerable to any one here. The emotion is free and inspiring, and yours alone. There is no need to share the mental representation unless you want. It’s a thought that can be private.  

Roger Fitzhardinge Diary 2014 3

I hope this photographic diary will not only give you some tranquil , inspiring  or possibly even turbulent moments but may become a book that you can look at with happiness and enjoyment and each photo will mean all sorts of things to you.

It is my absolute humble pleasure for this compellation of photos, to encourage you to take some time out. I hope that the visual powers may take you to a place that you can enjoy for you and you alone. Smile, be serious, sad or happy, but please simply savor the emotions that these poignant prints evoke.  Go live every day of your life as if it’s your last. Do not hesitate and simply be yourself. Take time for you and take a moment to reflect and enjoy each day and if a photo makes you think of someone special call them and say hello!

Much pleasure to you,


Roger Fitzhardinge Diary 2014 7

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