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Glennie News Article 26012017

Life will unreservedly get busy and managing all that comes with this can often mean extra support and skill is required. At The Glennie School, a diocesan owned Anglican school for girls in Toowoomba, the Mind Fitness (MFit®) Program equips Middle Years students with the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in adolescence, and flourish in life.

In each girl, Glennie aims to grow resilience, shape character and establish healthy and helpful habits for a rewarding and successful experience throughout the Middle Years. The program focuses on the wellbeing of students as they make the transition into secondary school, and prepares students for the rigours of Senior Years. MFit® forms the foundation of the rich and purposely developed Glennie Middle Years education.

Each Tutor teacher has undertaken specialist training to be able to confidently deliver the program to their tutor class. The MFit® program runs weekly in Years 7, 8 and 9 and each year, girls cover three relevant, thought-provoking and engaging topics. Each lesson provides students with a space to connect, share and learn with their peers and Tutor teacher. 

The MFit® Program strengthens each girl’s mind and assists in preparing them for the pace of the outside world by developing their ability in the following elements:

• Manage the everyday challenges of life

• Create a strong sense of self

• Cultivate a growth mindset

• Effectively communicate with others

• Navigate various social media platforms

• Develop and maintain healthy relationships

• Build resilience to be able to handle failure and rejection

• Incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives

• Seek help for themselves and others

To learn more about the MFit® program and other initiatives at Glennie to support your daughter, contact the School on 07 4688 8807 or email enquiries@glennie.qld.edu.au.




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