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Report from day three of the Brisbane CDI

2015 Saddleworld Brisbane CDI - Photo credit: Roger Fitzhardinge
Photo credit: Roger Fitzhardinge

By Roger Fitzhardinge and Andrew Stevens

The third day of the Brisbane CDI and the advanced 5.3 saw some really good performances but accolades to Emma Flavelle and Cabaret C a Holsteiner mare with plenty of power and cadence and as always so well ridden by Emma. 71.19% was a super score and every mark well deserved with such expressive trot work and uphill canter and a frame that is confirmed and easy on the eye. Jaybee Ryana and Nicole Magoffin showed this mare with great tact and the mare is flash indeed with a few mistakes but progress is very obvious and this hot and electric mare is going to be one to watch in the future as Nicole is steadily gaining this mare’s attention and confidence. A 68.13% was well deserved. Third place went to Remi Eastern Star for the ever-beaming Kaz Roe. This combination are also steadily making the work and confidence better and the brown mare scoring 67.6% a mere 0.4% in front of Tor Van Der Berge and Lady Sinatra who were fourth. A great class sponsored by County Saddles.

The EQuest Dressage FEI individual CDI Y was Brimstone Anakiwa with an unanimous first from all five judges and a good score of 69.23%. Eloise Devlin, his rider has trained this Anamour gelding up to this small tour level and at the age of 16 is a talent.  Anakiwa is noted for a very consistent outline and admirable self-carriage. In second place was  Elizabeth Hulin 65.58%  for the experienced Moscow and as always some great changes and extended paces. In third was Four Winds Bombadier for Rosanna Relton with a costly error however for a 65.29%. A compact horse with a very uphill canter and also expressive changes and Rosanna a sympathetic and kind rider with a good soft and understanding feel.

In the Saddleworld Club Teams Challenge 2.1 it was Emma Flavelle who shone with Bradgate Park Demi a horse bred at Orange by John and Bev Healy. The score of 72.13% was pretty impressive with De Nira, imported by De Niro, and Donnella Merrett was close on Emma's heels with a 70.9% and only 0.3% next was Dixieland Rock and Sarah Hancock. The winner of the four-year-old class from Townsville, Bloomfield Furstinus was fourth on 69.1%

The scores and standard seen in this class were of a very high standard and judges’ comments were positive and indicative of the improvement in the standard here over the past few years. It is exciting to see the well-bred and good moving novice horses. The standard and competency of the young riders combined with better horses and quality of training hold Aussies in a good way for the coming years. This leads us in to the fabulous young horse classes and the second round today found three very wonderful winners and to give an overview is Andrew Stevens:

I spoke to Roger Fitzhardinge and asked him for his impressions and he advised: "Maria Schwennesen and I judged the second round of the young horses, and I have to say that the horses were all wonderfully presented and the competition close, and they were easy to give marks to as the attention to the training scale was easy to see and the conditioning and way the tests were ridden today in sunny warm and still conditions was a treat."

It was immediately obvious from the start of the day that the much kinder weather conditions meant these young horses were going to be more settled for the final, and that was the case. None of the spooking and shying of yesterday was displayed. The scores over the two rounds are not cumulative, and the horses start in the championship round with a clean slate.

The leader of the four-year-old after the first round, Bloomfield Furstinus again produced a harmonious display, that was notable for having no real weaknesses, and having three paces, which are well above average. He scored 8.2, 8.5 and 7.8 for trot, walk and canter and was duly announced as the Queensland Champion 4-year-old for 2015 with an overall score of 8.1. Emma Flavelle piloted the imported Furstenball daughter Fesche Furstin to an overall score of 7.94 for runner up position. The highlight of this mare was the trot which scored 9. In equal third on 7.84 were Remi Fishers Ghost (Kelly Woodroffe) and Laquestar (Tor Van Den Berg) although very different types with different ways of going. The grey Fishers Ghost scored 8 for trot and 8.2 for walk. A big loose moving horse. Laquestar scored slightly lower on the paces marks, however shone in the way of going receiving 8 for submission and 7.8 for general impression.

The five-year-old championship was won by Dyrring Park Cristiano, which was leading after the first round, however he had an improved score in the final of 7.9 due to scoring 8 for submission and 8.2 for general impression. Rachel Bell's AEA Toronto moved up from fifth after the first round to a pleasing second, scoring 7.42. This appealing bay by Tuschinski had no real weaknesses, but didn't have quite the scope in his paces or level of education of the winner. Close behind him was the attractive Stedinger son Sylvester Stallone, which consistently scored 7.5 for both trot and walk, showing plenty of knee action.

The six year old was literally a two horse race. Dean Izzard's Salmour improved his score from the first day, and won the title with the highlight of 8.5 for the walk. Elite Destiny was a little inconsistent on the contact and that affected the submission mark. The canter and the very established changes were her highlight.

The judges giving a commentary after each horse is well appreciated by riders and spectators alike. This opens communication between riders and judges, and is good for transparency in the judging. Again a good number of spectators enjoyed the Queensland winter sun and the quality horseflesh on display.

Click here to view the photo gallery from day three.


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