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Rest in peace Willinga Park Cooley

Hazel Shannon and Willinga Park's Cooley SRS. © Willinga Park Facebook page

Hazel Shannon and Willinga Park's Cooley.

© Willinga Park Facebook page


Rest in peace Willinga Park Cooley

By Equestrian Life

The team at Ryans Horses have today announced the tragic passing of Willinga Park Cooley. The following statement was released via social media:

“Willinga Park Cooley (Cooley SRS) was humanely put down at 8pm Tuesday 13th October 2020.

“Cooley known as ‘Aero’ in the stable, was schooling cross country when he and his rider Hazel Shannon experienced a freak accident. Hazel is currently in hospital with liver damage but is expected to make a full recovery.

“Aero suffered a fractured femur on the left hind. Through the efforts of owners Terry and Ginette Snow and our two main vets Dr Peter Tabak and Dr Robin Bell from the Sydney university, we searched the world for viable surgery procedures that could have perhaps rescued the situation. This was not to be.

“Willinga Park Cooley (Cooley SRS)/ Aero, with Oliver Townend in the saddle in 2018 came second at Badminton horse trials in England. Aero was bought by Terry and Ginette Snow in 2018 for Australian Hazel Shannon to ride after she won her third Adelaide 5* on Willinga Park Clifford.


Oliver Townend and Cooley SRS on their way to second place at the 2018 Badminton Horse Trials. © Kit Houghton/FEI

Oliver Townend and Willinga Park Cooley (then Cooley SRS) on their way to second place at the 2018 Badminton Horse Trials.

© Kit Houghton/FEI

“Aero and Hazel were quietly working their way up to top competition level having competed at Canberra 4* CCN two weeks earlier where they placed 9th. Yesterday Tuesday 13th was the final cross country school before Camden 4* CCI this coming weekend. The partnership was showing great promise.

“We would like to say how sorry we are to Terry and Ginette Snow, to Oliver Townend, to everyone here at Ryan’s who were so excited about a new partnership flexing such talent on the Australian scene, to Hazel Shannon who is struggling with the difficult emotional repercussions and of course, to Aero, who was such a gentle and lovely character, who did nothing but try hard. We are all very sorry,” writes Heath Ryan.

Equestrian Life extends its sincere condolences to Willinga Park, Hazel, Heath and everyone else who was connected with this talented horse. We also wish Hazel a swift recovery.

Rest in peace Willinga Park Cooley.



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