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Ricky MacMillan appointed as new Chair of EA Board

Ricky MacMillan and Roger Fitzhardinge - commentators during the Grand Prix - CDI-W-4766

Ricky MacMillan and Roger Fitzhardinge - commentators during a Grand Prix - CDI-W

© Franz Venhaus


By Equestrian Life

The Equestrian Australian Annual General Meeting took place earlier this week, with a major outcome being the change Board Chair. Alistair MacKinlay has resigned, and Ricky MacMillan has been appointed as the new Chair.

EA CEO Lucy Warhurst released the following message following the AGM:

Dear Members,

Today Equestrian Australia held its Annual General Meeting in Sydney.

It was a productive meeting between the National Body and State Branches.

You can read our full Annual Report here.

During the course of the meeting, Ricky MacMillan, who has been a member of the EA Board since April 2019, was appointed Chair.

Ricky, a dual Olympian, has spent a lifetime involved in the horse industry as an official, horse breeder and trainer, coach, volunteer and competitor. I look forward to working with her as we enter an exciting Olympic year and continue to make improvements in our sport. We remain steadfast in our commitment to becoming a world leader in equestrian safety and risk mitigation.

Alistair MacKinlay has chosen to no longer sit on the Board. We thank him for his dedication and hard work as Chair over the past 12 months.

Lucy Warhurst






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