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Rio Paralympics Day Four: The team in training

Sharon Jarvis and 'Henry' - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Some kind ladies from Lisa's home town of Scone knitted each rider a mascot. This is 'Henry' and Sharon.

© Rozzie Ryan


By Rozzie Ryan

There was much talk this morning of the opening ceremony. Everyone enjoyed it and the grooms were included for the first time which was great and acknowledged the hard work they put in.

We worked in the main arena this morning, which was decorated and had music playing. Much more atmosphere. The Australian horses and riders looking very classy!

In the afternoon we worked in a different arena that looks as if it's been carved out of the side of a rocky hill. Quite claustrophobic. A couple of the horses were obviously looking at something behind me which I realised was one of the many vultures that you see here all the time. The Brazilians call them ubaru I think and you see them soaring around everywhere. Anyway this one was foraging in the undergrowth and then another came and perched on a cliff watching us. 

They were obviously waiting for me to keel over so they could have dinner. Slightly unnerving and the horses were definitely aware.


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Just as we thought we had the hang of the buses we were proved wrong and ended up on a bit of a mystery tour on the way home. The upside was we got to see a lot more of the area. Downtown Barra (I think that's where we were) seems to have many shopping malls and is more prosperous-looking and modern. The traffic is never ending as the city is surrounded by mountains, which although are dramatically beautiful, have to be negotiated - either around, up or through. This makes getting around quickly almost impossible. As one of the Irish girls said yesterday "If you were going to build a city, you wouldn't do it here'.

We can work in the main arena again tomorrow, then the trot up is on Saturday and the competition starts for us on Sunday with the grade three riders. The Aussie team is nearly complete: Tristan has arrived to coach Katie and Lisa's support crew of Jason and Jess are yet to arrive, but will be here to watch her compete.

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