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Rio Paralympics Day Three: The Opening Ceremony

Patriotic feet in Rio - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Patriotic feet in Rio.

© Rozzie Ryan


By Rozzie Ryan

Bit late today. Just got back from the Opening Ceremony.

Tremendous atmosphere. Rousing music, inventive light shows, an amazing wheelchair ski jump and fire works - all with a very loud, appreciative and excitable audience.


Paralympic Games Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Everyone taking shots of the opening ceremony.

© Rozzie Ryan


We witnessed a few locals in passionate altercations near us (wish I could speak Portuguese) but everyone seemed to enjoy the shouting.  A bit like a Ryan family dinner.

It was exciting to watch the athletes from all corners of the world march out. It was also great to see the huge Australian contingent and we were trying to pick out those we knew as others around us did the same with their teams...Italians, British, Danish, American and then a massive uproar for the Brazilian team. A real highlight was the Brazilian national anthem played on the piano. Very beautiful and emotional.

The logistics of actually getting to the ceremony from where we are staying was not all that easy, so Joy and I would like to thank Mary, John and the Irish gang at the Novotel for  being kind enough to cheerfully include us on their bus because they had a couple of spare seats. Not only did we get the best pick up and drop off at the venue, but also hilarious non-stop banter for the entire trip. Gotta love the Irish!


Bear and Chris talk serious vet business in Rio - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Bear and Chris talk serious vet business.

© Rozzie Ryan


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