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Rose-Hip Vital and Roger Fitzhardinge, Dressage Specialist Rider, Coach and Physiotherapist

Roger Fitzhardinge & Amerigo. Rose-Hip Vital.
By Roger Fitzhardinge
Rose-Hip Vital is a constant in my daily life. As a physio I am very aware of degenerative joint diseases and the wear and tear in athletes both equine and human. My body has seen the rigours of training and competing in many varied and taxing sports. My body is not as it was 40 years ago and I know only too well all about aching joints and feeling not so active. I have to say that with the use of Rose-Hip Vital I am unbelievably better. Primarily I have way less joint pain and find exercise and riding easier. I feel very healthy and fit and above all I am a better person mentally and physically thanks to feeling well.
Of course my precious two horses are on Rose-Hip Vital Equine. Two years ago, Weltsohn’s post stifle operation was given up as not to be a rideable prospect. Thanks to great enthusiasm from Agnes Banks Vets and patience and with Rose-Hip Vital Equine (the only supplement he is on), he has competed in Inter II and was second to Heath Ryan. He feels fantastic and has never looked nor felt healthier. Amerigo who was plagued with boring respiratory problems and minor sprains has been wonderful and in the top ten at the nationals in all five classes as well as a third in the advanced freestyle. He too looks and feels fantastic and fit and lives to work. Look out FEI!
Rose-Hip Vital has improved my life. I wouldn't be without it as I proved... Forgot to take it to Melbourne and was off it for seven days, contracted the flu and my knees were shocking. Ten days later after resuming Rose-Hip Vital, I was all great again. It's truly fantastic.
For more information visit www.rosehipvitalequine.com.au
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