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Louie on Rose-Hip Vital Equine


Over the holidays I competed in the Marcus Oldham Interschool’s Championships in Toowoomba Queensland. The trip involved an 18 hour drive from Melbourne to Toowoomba with my horse Louie. The preparation before the event was many months of hard training every week.

We started Louie on Rose-Hip Vital Equine at the beginning of winter when we started to notice some changes in his recovery. Rose-Hip Vital has kept Louie in good condition, maintained a healthy immune system and protects his joints from inflammation.

We knew the trip from home just north of Melbourne to Toowoomba could affect Louie so we doubled his dose two weeks before we left and for the whole time we were away.  This meant Louie was in top condition for competition despite the long journey.

Being an older horse, I have found that since putting Louie onto Rose-Hip Vital he has become more agile and less stiff through his muscles and joints. This gave me the reassurance that my horse was going to be in perfect competition condition before the event, throughout the duration of the event and that he would recover quickly.

Louie and I managed to place 10th overall in Australia for our 90cm show jumping level and it’s thanks to Rose-Hip Vital that I can confidentially say he had the correct preparation and body condition to compete at a national competition and recover well. His recovery from the return trip home was so good he was out and about competing in the ISJ and won Reserve Champion in the progressive 95cm class just two weeks later. 

Rose-Hip Vital Equine is a clinically proven natural anti-inflammatory AND immune system support for your horse’s joint health and wellbeing. 

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For more information including scientific research visit www.rosehipvitalequine.com.au






 Written in conjunction with Rosehip Vital Equine



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