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Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 7 in Rio

Sharon Jarvis and Ceasy in the arena for their first test - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Sharon Jarvis and Ceasy.

© Rozzie Ryan


By Rozzie Ryan

Grade III and Ib was on today. We had two riders in the Grade III, none in the Ib.

The atmosphere in the arena was quite electric and there was a reasonable sized crowd. Katie Umback was the first of our riders to go. Unfortunately I missed her test as Sharon was warming up at the same time. Katie rides the twelve year old Blue Hors bred Gondskovlunds Marquis. He and Katie started in paras at the beginning of 2015 aiming for Rio. He has a wonderful laid back attitude and good, rhythmical paces.

They scored just over 68% and ended up in 8th place. A great result. Katie was happy with the test although she said it was safe and she feels there is more in the tank when she goes for more power. They have another opportunity in the individual test on Tuesday.

As Katie's horse was being led away from the arena there was a series of extremely loud cracks which sounded very close. We assumed it was the firing range starting up. Exceptionally bad timing. Ceasy shot forward but recovered pretty quickly and we carried on. We moved up into the final holding box and the fire crackers went off again. Again she recovered but with her we can really do without extra adrenaline. We knew she would have some but could do without more.


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She went down the ramp into the arena but really was not keen to go around the arena. Finally Sharon got her going and although she was obviously tense to start she settled down and did a good test considering the shaky start. It was disappointing when you know what she can produce. She has a lovely, light and athletic way of going and is one for the future.

The fire crackers kept going off randomly for about the next half an hour. No one knew what they were including the soldiers at the gate. It was not the firing range and there was speculation it was some kind of protest. As it turned out it was a football match.

Ceasy scored 65.9%; 15th place. The judges would have obviously liked to give her marks as two judges had her in 5th and 6th places but you can't afford tension at this level.

The test was won by Norway's Ann Cathryn Lubbe on Donatello on 72.2%. Second went to Sanne Voets on Demantur from Netherlands on 70.3% and third to Susanne Sunesen from Denmark on Que Faire on 70.1%.

Lisa Martin is on tomorrow  and we are hoping all goes well because Firegirl looks great. Our horses have survived marching bands, vultures, the firing range and now firecrackers.

Sharon has a new motto. We are "developing Brazilience".


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