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Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 5 at Rio

Rio- Rozzie

The station where we catch the bus to Deodoro

© Rozzie Ryan

We needed jackets today as it was cool and drizzly which was quite a nice change. We had another chance to work in the main arena which was good. There are six more arenas to work in , a very large lunging arena and then the "vulture" arena so there is plenty of space available. All working times have to be booked ahead.

On the subject of clothing, a word about the uniforms. At the risk of looking a gift horse in the mouth whoever told the designers that bright yellow see through nylon looks good, was in my opinion somewhat misguided. Yeah yeah I can hear you say its high tech fabric in the Aussie colours but to me it's clingy nylon and unless you are a teeny weeny fourteen year old gymnastic it's not a good look. Surely someone could come up with something that is bright, patriotic,comfortable and doesn't make us look like, to coin one of Dennis's phrases "lemons in a condom". Thanks Bear.

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One advantage of staying out of the Olympic village is being able to explore the local supermarkets. Always an interesting insight into local life. No fresh milk appears to be available. All uht. We have eaten a lot of eggs and toasted sandwiches. Mainly because by the time we have been to Deodoro(finally got the spelling right. My apologies must go to I believe Brazil's first president) and have watched Sharon ride twice then found our way home we have not felt like going out or cooking. The bread is not super appetising and the fast food available in the food courts we've been to is about the same. I'm sure there must be some great restaurant here just not obviously easily available. Anyway the request from the grooms for tomorrow is for us to bring them chips and chocolate. Some things never change. A good reminder we are very spoilt in Australia.

By Rozzie Ryan for Equestrian Life

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