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Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 6 at Rio

Rio 1

Trot up today. All accepted. I think everyone at home should be super proud of this team. The riders are focussed and working hard. The grooms are cooperating really well with each other, the management and back up crews are bustling away doing all the hundreds of things that need to be done and everyone is prepared to help everyone else. It feels very positive.

Rio 3

                                                                           Australian colours... Blue Sky, green gold and ochre. Julia, Dennis and Sally inspired by Roger Fitzhardinge?

The formal uniform looked great at the trot up and the horses were turned out immaculately.  As you can see from the photos it looks like a terrific team effort. They really did look beautiful.

Katie and Sharon compete tomorrow in the grade three. So it begins!

Rio 2

The Australian team looked fabulous

The unit we are staying in is opposite the tennis diving and swimming stadiums. When we arrived it was so quiet. Now the games have started it is really busy and packed with throngs of people. There are army personnel and police everywhere including in all the bus stations and all along the routes we walk each day. The buses especially in the afternoons are mostly packed with enthusiastic crowds of spectators from all over the world. The locals have been unfailingly polite and jump up at the drop of a hat and offer their seats to anyone they think might need it more than them. This has happened on every single crowded bus we have been on and leaves a very good impression.

Rozzie Ryan for Equestrian Life

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