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Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 8 in Rio

Lisa Martin and Firegirl, Rio Paralympics 2016 - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Lisa Martin and Firegirl performed well in their first test in Rio.

© Rozzie Ryan

By Rozzie Ryan

As it turned out it seems there was a protest yesterday so we were hoping there would be no repeat performance today. All good.

A calm, hot day and really hot this afternoon - it felt like it was about 35 degrees.
Lisa and Firegirl were competing this morning in the Grade IV against some super horse power and did a terrific test for 72.31% and fourth place. The good thing is there is probably room for more marks. The first couple of movements were perhaps a little conservative, then they both hit their straps and looked fantastic. Firegirl (a nine year old by Fidertanz) is such a lovely horse and really stuck with Lisa. Great work.

The test was won by Michele George from Belgium on FBW Rainman on 75.2%. Second went to Great Britain's Sophie Wells and Valerius on 74.4% and third to Frank Hosmar of the Netherlands on Alphaville with 72.38%.


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Continuing the Brazilience training, we worked Ceasy in the rock arena again this afternoon, solemnly watched by Vinny the vulture and his sidekick together with a curious iguana.

The grooms had their own interesting local experience yesterday evening (well three of them did and one slept through it) with a full on shoot-out in  the favella next to their living quarters. They said it was just like the movies - but sadly it's reality.

We ventured further afield last night and ended up at a different shopping centre and honestly it looked like we had gone to an Essex girl convention; lots of tiny and shiny clothes and the biggest earrings you've ever seen. I'm an Essex native and love it to bits, but they do have their own unique couture which is matched here.


Vic Kahn in Rio, 2016 - Photo Rozzie Ryan

The multi talented Vic Kahn. Physio,make up artist, caterer and The Boss Who Makes Everyone Hydrate. A good person to have on your side.

© Rozzie Ryan


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