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Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 9 in Rio

Emma, Zidane and Lone warming up, Rio 2016 - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Emma and Zidane warming up before their test.

© Rozzie Ryan

By Rozzie Ryan

Grade II today.

Emma Booth and Zidane drew first to go. Zidane works in a super consistent outline and great rhythm and they looked wonderful in the warm up. As they circled the arena before they started Zidane had an uncharacteristic spook.

I know Emma is very disappointed with the test but I wish she wouldn't be. There was some lovely work, just marred by the fact that Zidane was obviously feeling the atmosphere and there were a few little hiccups. They finished 13th with 65.7%. I'm sure he will be more settled in their second test and show his usual form.


Saddleworld small July 2016

Emma is only twenty five and in her first big international. This is such a lovely partnership and they have a great future. I really hope everyone gives this team huge support. They take their task very seriously and just the horses or riders need to be a bit more seasoned at this level; however they are absolutely not out of place here. All look international quality. They have the back up team of Julia, Sally, Dennis and Vic who have a wealth of experience and work tirelessly. Give it all a bit of time.

First place in the Grade II test went to Natasha Baker and Cabral of Great Britain with 71.88%, second went to Demi Vermeulen and Burberry of the Netherlands with 71.82% and third went to Germany's Steffen Zeibig and Feel Good 4 on 71.5%. Very close.


Emma, Zidane and Lone in the warm up, Rio 2016 - Photo Rozzie Ryan

Emma, Zidane and Lone in the warm up.

© Rozzie Ryan

In the second test for the Grade III, Katie and Marquis did another very polished, consistent test with more power than last time. Marquis looked super comfortable and reliable and finished with a score of 67.9%  for 12th place.
Sharon and Ceasy next. Ceasy looked much more confident in this test and apart from one grounded step in a pirouette and a not-so-good halt before the rein back, it was a lovely flowing test. The canter work was a highlight. They scored 68.5% and finished in 9th place.

This class was very close with only five percent between the first twelve places. Winner Ann Cathryn Lübb and Donatello of Norway scored 72.8%, while second went to Sonne Sunesen and Que Faire of Denmark with 72.1%. Louise Etzner Jakobsson and Zernard of Sweden finished third with 70.3%.


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