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Simone Pearce set to start at CDI Mariakalnok, Hungary

Simone Pearce set to start at CDI Mariakalnok, Hungary

By Equestrian Life

The 2020 CDI Mariakalnok begins tomorrow (26 - 28 June) and will be the first international dressage competition since the coronavirus lockdown in Europe. It will also offer the first World Cup qualifying event (post-coronavirus) for the 2021 Finals.

The CDI offers classes from Pony to Grand Prix and has 160 entries - including Aussie Simone Pearce.

Simone is riding Montevideo 65 in the CDI3* Prix St Georges and Inter I, and Destano in the CDI3* Grand Prix and Special.

Good luck Simone!

Rose Oatley, daughter of Australian Olympian Kristy Oatley, will compete in the CDI-P (Pony) competition with the stunning palomino Daddy Moon.


Other big names competing at the event include Helen Langehanenberg (with Damsey), Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Frederic Wandres and Ulla Salzgeber.

Start lists and results can be found here.

The event will be streamed via Clip My Horse.

Over the weekend, another international dressage competition will take place in Italy - the CDI-PCHJYR Arezzo for youth riders.





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