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Ten foals that are beyond cute...

By Equestrian Life

There is nothing more adorable than a newborn foal. Here, we take a look at ten that are sure to melt your heart...


Bucking foal - Pixabay

1. This little bay is testing his athleticism.


Shetland mare and foal - Pixabay

2. Just the right size to house train.


Gypsy cob mare and foal - Pixabay

3. Who doesn't love a beautiful gypsy cob?


Chestnut foal - Pixabay

4. This little chestnut has an unusual blue eye.


Gypsy cob foal - Pixabay

5. A splash of colour.


Bay foal - Pixabay

6. This cute bay is spending the afternoon relaxing in the sun.


Newborn foal - Pixabay

7. A newborn is welcomed into the world!


Sleeping foal - Pixabay

8. Foals are the masters of taking daytime naps.


Fluffy foal - Pixabay

9. This youngster certainly isn't short of hair!


Shetland foal - Pixabay

10. Everyone needs a miniature foal.





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