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That Scary Trot Up

6th June 2013

It is every eventers nightmare to be put in the holding box at the trot-up. In plain terms, this means that whilst doing the first horse inspection, the ground jury consider your horse to have soundness issues, & send you off to be checked by the vet, before being given the chance to represent. Of my two orange partners in crime, Forest trots like a dressage horse, & Willy like a distracted centipede, & today, Mr Centipede was put on hold! All that screams through your head is ' I have just put months of hard work & a s**tload of money into this event, & I am NOT going home before the dressage!!' I wasn't the only one being held - there were six horses in the holding box at one stage, & several surprised faces to boot! After adding what felt like 10 years to my life & a heart rate of 180, William was passed, but not after I muttered under my breath to him ' if you don't trot properly this time there's NO jumping for you on Sunday!' 

Apart from the edge-of-your-seat trot-up, today began with two half hour lessons with Charlotte Pedersen at 8:30 & 10am, during which we worked on the two half ten metre circles, & softness for the test. The wash bays were on congested freeway mode, & knowing Werribee as I do, found a spare tap, connected my spiral hose, & shampoo'd Forest whilst tied to one of the yards! Caitlin switched into super groom mode, as we plaited, put Sock'em on white socks, attached Williams false tail, put on their makeup, & I changed into this seasons outfit. There is always so much to do - feeding, stables, hay, pastes, bandages, rugs, plaits, cleaning tack, writing on the whiteboard, walking & feeding Ringo & Pika.... 

Willy & Forest's dressage tests are on tomorrow -Forest at 9:36 & Willy at 2:47. I'm heading off to bed now ready for an early start!

Amanda Ross Trot Up

by Amanda Ross exclusively for Equestrian Life

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