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The FEI remains committed to enforcing new Protective Headgear rules from 1st January 2021

top hat

 It's time to hang up the top hat.

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By Equestrian Life

The FEI’s new rule requiring Dressage athletes to wear protective headgear at all times at FEI events will be enforced from 1st January 2021. The FEI’s commitment to upholding the rule – which was voted in at the FEI Generally Assembly 2019 – was evident this week, when the FEI Board officially declined a petition to discuss maintaining the option for riders to wear top hats in senior international competitions at the 2020 FEI General Assembly.

The topic was discussed at the first meeting of the FEI Board on the 18th of November, held ahead of the online 2020 General Assembly taking place this weekend. The Board voted unanimously to maintain the 1st January 2021 implementation of the rule, due to both safety reasons and the thorough consultation process that was held prior to the vote at the 2019 General Assembly. During this process, the FEI did not receive any requests for change from the International Dressage Riders' Club or any National Federations.

The FEI General Assembly governs the overall direction, development and management of the FEI’s disciplines worldwide. Elections are held at the General Assembly and decisions are taken, by vote, on changes to FEI Statutes, long-term strategies, FEI budgets and important equestrian matters. Each National Federation has the right to cast a vote. More information about the 2020 online General Assembly, including meeting notes, can be found here.





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