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The book of the legendary Lipizzaner stallion

Neapolitano Nima I with rider Rudolf Rostek (c) SRS_Herbert Graf

Neapolitano Nima I with rider Rudolf Rostek

© SRS Herbert Graf


Neapolitano Nima I, the oldest Lipizzaner stallion registered with the LIF (Lipizzan International Federation) reached the biblical age of 40 this year. To honour him, Rudolf Kuzmickiis has written a book in his honour.

The book, ”Neapolitano Nima I -The White Diamond”, written by Rudolf Kuzmickiis is a wonderful collection of stories about this fascinating, talented, and quirky legendary stallion and about his trainers and riders.

Neapolitano Nima I was born on the 11th of April in 1979 at 2:40 am in Piber. The striking white Lipizzaner stallion reached the impressive age of 40 this year, which would equate to well over 120 human years!

To Celebrate his 40th birthday, Rudolf Kuzmicki has published the book “Neapolitano Nima I -The White Diamond" to honour this Methuselah and outstanding stallion of the century. For the author, Nima Icarries the Lipizzanergenetic code-robustness, stamina, longevityand intelligence.


N.Nima I - Buchautor Rudi Kuzmicki _@Sabrina Mallick

N.Nima I - Buchautor Rudi Kuzmicki

© Sabrina Mallick

Skill and nobility in total union with their rider characterize the Lipizzaner of the Spanish Riding School and with Neapolitano Nima I they hadthe personalized icon of this legacy.

Until the age of 26 he inspired admirers all over the world with his performances.He was the unspoken master of the levade and many pictures and films still show his legendary skills

After heretired 14 years ago, he spent well-earned lovely years back in the green pastures of his birthplace at the Lipizzaner stud, Piber until he passed away peacefully end of May this year.


(srs)(c) Sabrina Mallick Neapolitano Nima1

Neapolitano Nima I, the oldest Lipizzaner stallion registered with the LIF


In this book, the uniqueness of his abilities and also of his character are illustrated by means of narratives and eyewitnesses and under what conditions Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School are raised and trained.

A big chapter belongs to the person who trained and shaped this diamond: Andreas Harrer, who unfortunately died too early at the age of 44 in the year 2000. This book is also dedicated to the memory of him.

In lovely episodes Chief Rider Rudolf Rostek, who had ridden Nima for 12 years, describes authentically with episodes and stories how difficult, stubborn and brilliant Nima was.

Lipizzaner Stud master Erwin Movia gives an impression of the unique breeding conditions of the young Lipizzaners and the great work of the staff in Piber.

Rider Florian Zimmermann tells what traits Neapolitano Madera, the son of the legendary Nima, inherited from the fatherand that there are some hopeful offspring in the stables of the Spanish Riding School.

The author Rudolf Kuzmicki: “The exceptional horse Neapolitano Nima I embodies the ideal of our Lipizzaner breed. Durable, hard, persistent, willing to perform, strong in character and expressive in the performance of his arts under the rider in the Spanish Riding School.”

The book, translated by Yvette Koth, is now finally available in English online and can be purchased here. The book is also available in the shops at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, or the Lipizzaner Stud Piber.


Book The White Diamond (c) SRS _Stefan Seelig

Book The White Diamond

© SRS Stefan Seelig

Source: Media release






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