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The internal to external powers of being an Equine Naturopath

 MCTM november


The internal to external powers of being an Equine Naturopath

Nutrition ~ Herbal Medicine ~ Pasture Management ~ Massage


Firstly, we must never forget to always consider each animal, by their origins, their evolution and what is their true ‘species-specific’ requirements to survive and flourishing within their health, wellbeing, performance and therefore longevity. 

Apart from Equine Remedial and Sports Massage, what does being an Equine Naturopath involve?

Nutrition: The horse is designed to move, roam and forage through a variety of grass species, the optimisation of the digestive process converting nutrients into energy is best utilised by this natural form of roughage known as ‘carbohydrate’. The stomach of the horse although small allows for continuous trickle eating, the small and large intestines is where the digestion of protein, fats, carbohydrates along with the nutrient uptake of minerals and vitamins takes place. Understanding the digestion processes from start to finish, the importance of what to add or not add to their diet all becomes a lot simpler, no more doubling up on too many purchased feed sources that ultimately end up in the paddock as expensive excreted waste. 

Pasture Management: Knowing what is in your paddock, the merit of each grass species is how you can complement and individually design the right feed for you horse through each season.

Herbal Medicine: here we need to understand all systems of the body, the identification process to assess which particular herb for which system is best when simplified and treated accordingly one step at a time. Horses in the wild can and have the ability to self-medicate according to their environment and seasonal factors and because herbs function through biochemical interactions it augments the vital processes of the body. 


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