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The provisional draws are out for the 2018 Boneo Winter CDI

Judy Dierks and Diamond Star. © Roger Fitzhardinge

Judy Dierks and Diamond Star.

© Roger Fitzhardinge


By Equestrian Life

The 2018 Boneo Winter CDI (15-17 June) will see some of Australia’s top riders in action across three days of competition. For Grand Prix combinations hoping to make the WEG team, this is the final CDI where a qualifying score of 69%+ can be gained.

Grand Prix entries include:

Aristede and Shannan Goodwin
Diva Royale and Holly Cutler
Diamond Star and Judith Dierks
CP Dresden and Alycia Targa
Bluefields Floreno and Alexis Hellyer
Sancette and Gitte Donvig
PPH Zeppelinand Brett Parbery
DP Weltmieser and Brett Parbery
Adonie and Rozzie Ryan
Jarrah R and Rozzie Ryan

Shannan Goodwin and Aristede and Brett Parbery with DP Weltmieser already have two 69%+ Grand Prix qualifying scores for WEG. However, Judy Dierks and Diamond Star, and Alexis Hellyer and Bluefields Floreno have one 69%+ score each and will therefore be looking for a second qualifying score at the Boneo CDI.

Provisional Friday draw.
Provisional Saturday draw.
Provisional Sunday draw.



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