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Top showjumping stallions flee Ukraine

Cornet Obolensky was a top showjumper and has proven to be a very prodigious sire. © Eric Knoll

Cornet Obolensky, now a hugely successful sire of performance horses, pictured here competing with Germany's Marco Kutscher.

© Eric Knoll


Top showjumping stallions flee Ukraine

Two of the world’s top showjumping stallions, Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut, have crossed the Ukrainian border at Korczowa-Krakowiec into Poland, according to reports. Currently, this is the only Polish border that is allowing equines into the country.

The pair had been standing at Zhashkov Stud Farm in Zhashkov, Ukraine, about 140km away from the war-torn capital Kyiv. The stud is owned by Ukrainians Victor Timoshenko and Valentyn Nychyporenko, who co-own the horses. With the sudden escalation of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it quickly became difficult to evacuate; many horses remain trapped.

Comme Il Faut was due to return for the breeding season in Münster-Wolbeck, Germany a week ago, the day the Russian invasion began; initially, the stallions were unable to be evacuated. Fortunately, both are now safe and are heading to the stables of Hubert Vornholt in Münster, Germany.

According to ‘The Chronicle of the Horse’, as of March 6 only horses with European Union papers are allowed to cross the border into Poland. However, the European Equestrian Federation is working with the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation, which estimates the country to be home to about 100,000 domestic horses, to provide much needed hay, feed and sawdust to stables as they face critically low supplies. The EEF is processing such donations at a logistics hub in Poland.

More information on how to help the horses in Ukraine can be found via the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation website: helpukrainehorses.eu.





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