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VIDEO: GCL Super Cup explainer


The innovative new GCL Super Cup will kick off at the GC Prague Playoffs in just two weeks, with teams battling to make it through each quarter-final, semi-final and final stage. Intense rivalry and big pressure to achieve team glory will ensure a dramatic show jumping rollercoaster.
Tactics and strategy will be the focal point of this ultimate team showdown, and a GCL Super Cup explainer film has today been released to guide spectators through the three stages of the competition.

All through the 2018 season, the 19 GCL teams have been fighting for every valuable ranking point, collected at each event on the global circuit. The GCL overall classification is based on each team’s points earned at every GCL event and the top 16 teams after the final leg in Doha, Qatar, in November, have qualified for a place in next month's showstopper.
This golden ticket has been in the minds of team managers as they chose from their roster of five riders throughout the season, playing their star strikers strategically across the very different events - from expansive grass field of play such as Mexico City to the small sand arena nestled between Monaco's super-yachts, knowing your athletes’ strengths and fielding serious horsepower has been key to season long success.
16 teams have qualified and all eyes will be on which horses and riders will be played up front in the different rounds across the four day event. These are: London Knights, Valkenswaard United, Rome Gladiators, Miami Celtics, Shanghai Swans, Montreal Diamonds, Scandinavian Vikings, St Tropez Pirates, Prague Lions, Madrid in Motion, Berlin Eagles, Doha Fursan Qatar, Monaco Aces, Paris Panthers, Cannes Stars and New York Empire.
Teams will head to the O2 Arena - a new indoor event - with a clean score sheet, and the GCL Super Cup will consist of a team quarter-final, a semi-final and final. The quarter-final, held over one 1.55m round, is open to 12 teams with three riders per team — those placed 5th to 16th on the GCL overall team standings prior to the GC Prague Playoffs. The best eight placed teams according to the aggregate time and penalties for each of the three riders then qualify for the semi-final the following day where they will be joined by the top four teams on the GCL overall team rankings and each of the three team riders will jump one round over 1.60m. The best six placed team competitions then go head-to-head in the final – held over two different 1.60m rounds against the clock without a jump-off.
With 3 million euros in prize money available for the winning team alone and the promise of passion, drama and glory - the race to the ultimate showdown is on.
Source: LGCT website






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