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WEG dressage team finalised and appeal findings released

Judy Dierks and Diamond Star ©Franz Venhaus

Judy Dierks and Diamond Star.

© Franz Venhaus


Equestrian Australia finalises WEG Dressage Team and releases Appeals Tribunal Reasonings on Dierks Appeal

Equestrian Australia takes this opportunity to warmly congratulate and applaud the efforts of all six riders who met the selection criteria.

EA recognises the effort and investment of resources by all six riders and their owners, connections and supporters. In particular, EA thanks Shannan Goodwin and Judy Dierks for continuing to work with EA on veterinary and logistical requirements, in case substitutions are required to be made to the selected team.

In circumstances where the appeal made by Mrs Dierks relied on technical legal questions that are complex, Equestrian Australia has provided the following link to the summary of Mrs Dierks’ appeal, the background of the appeal and the decision of the Tribunal.

Equestrian Australia has attempted to accurately convey the information in an accessible way however it encourages those members with a keen interest in this matter to read the full decision of His Honour Judge Hunt. A copy of the reasons is available on the Equestrian Australia website on the following link.

EA encourages all members to get behind and support our Dressage Team as they prepare for travel and competition, and together, let’s wish the team the best of success at Tryon.

Source: Equestrian Australia (EA) website





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