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What are your Equine Business dreams?




Leslie Williamson of the NCTM Senior Lecturing Team;

What is your Equine Business dreams? How can you get started or value add to your current business setup?

There are assorted options that can lead you to your very own Equine Business. Your own Equine Business can be unique to the equine market around you. It is worth knowing where you sit in your current market by comparing your business ideas to others in your surrounding area. 

  • What are your current skills? 
  • Is it time to evolve and ‘value add’ to the service you wish to create or currently already have? 
  • Do you get frustrated with what is not available in your area? 

These questions offer a good opportunity for you to take stock of where you feel your dreams may fit in amongst your equine area.

Is your business going to be about one aspect of the horse or are you thinking you’d like to be able to evolve your equine business by considering the ‘whole’ aspect of the horse? The latter will indeed see you growing your business over several years. Look around to see who is offering a service that includes the ‘whole’ aspect of the horse, then look at the purpose you need to fulfil that will compliment horses and their owners on an individual basis, this may include nutrition, myotherapy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, herbal medicine, pasture management, leading to a business as an Equine Naturopath, working with how the horse is designed to naturally live and perform at their best. This can then lead to saddle fit, coaching, agistment services and horse management.


NCTM horse girl


The ‘NCTM’ for equine and companion pets is all about the health, wellbeing, performance and longevity of each horse regardless of the discipline the horse is being asked to perform. Your business goals may very well start with one of our courses. Feel free to contact us to learn more.


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