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What’s on Saturday night at WEG?

Team USA’s youngest rider, 18-year-old Cade McCutcheon and Custom Made Gun - © FEI / Liz Gregg

Team USA’s youngest rider, 18-year-old Cade McCutcheon and Custom Made Gun.

© FEI / Liz Gregg


Eventing - Cross country

Saturday the 15th of September in Tryon will be a busy day, with the cross-country phase of the eventing commencing at 11:00 am, and running till 5:00 pm. This can be caught live on FEI TV at 1:00 am - 7:00 am AEST, Sunday 16th of September.

UPDATE: Due to the weather, the interval between horses will be reduced from four to three minutes and thus the event is likely to wrap up earlier than the listed time. The start time remains unchanged.

View the updated draw here.

Australian riders' start times in AEST:

Andrew Hoy: 1.15am

Chris Burton: 2.18am

Emma McNab: 3.36am

Bill Levett: 4.18am

Shane Rose: 4.39am



Reining - Final

Aussie Shauna Larcombe has made it into the individual reining final on the Quarter Horse mare, Designed With Shine. The combination made it straight through to the final round on their first score at the first individual/team round, where they received 221.5 points.

UPDATE: The final individual round will commence on Saturday the 15th of September, at 3:00 pm Tryon time (Note this is 3 hours earlier than original schedule due to the forecast rain). You can catch the action live on FEI TV at 5:00 am AEST, Sunday the 16th of September. Shauna and Designed With Shine are expected to go 11th out of the 22 starters.

View the start list here.

Good luck Aussies!

Written by Equestrian Life




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