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Wine and Horses in Perth Hills are again hosting our two day ride to Northam supporting Alzheimer’s

Wine and Horses in Perth Hills' two day ride to Northam supporting Alzheimer’s.

Riders on the trail.


Wine and Horses in Perth Hills are again hosting our two day ride to Northam supporting Alzheimer’s

Now in it's fifth year, the event (12-13 October) will see riders achieve personal goals plus raise much needed funds for such a worthwhile cause!

Approximately 70 horses will trek to Northam from either Clackline 50km (25km per day) or from Wooroloo 100km (50km per day), riding along the CY O'Connor Pipeline and Kep Trail into Northam then returning the following day.

Riders participating in the 100km event will be stopping for morning tea at Bakers Hill Pie Shop, plus lunch at Avonbrook Wines in Clackline and enjoy some local wine tasting along the journey.

As the ride approaches Northam, it is quite a sight seeing so many riders travelling along Broome Terrace on the Saturday afternoon following the scenic Avon River.


Arriving in Northam.

Upon arrival in Northam, riders, family and friends will camp at the Avon Equestrian Centre where organisers will hold the annual Fundraising Event with dinner, live music plus a fundraising stall and auction. There will also be massages for riders and horses in Northam on arrival.

This event supports research and clinical trials towards Alzheimer’s. This year the event is supporting Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation in Nedlands, Western Australia.  To date, the ride as raised in excess of $125,000.00 for the Alzheimer's cause so far.

There are three options for riders:

•    Option 1.  CHALLENGER RIDE  - Approximately 100km (50km per day) Pace: trot or canter
•    Option 2.  Approximately 50km (25 km per day) Pace: walk and trot
•    Option 3.  One day ride.  

The organisers would particularly love to hear from any businesses at all that are interested in donating prizes or sponsoring the event.

Any members of the public who would like to be involved and assist with any of a variety of volunteering jobs, including helping with vehicle parking, cooking or providing riders and/or horses with drinks and refreshments along the journey would be much appreciated. Anyone who volunteers will have a great day out or weekend away with some fabulous people!

Find out more via Facebook or the event website

Those interested in volunteering can send an email to wineandhorses@bigpond.com or call 0439 957 237


Volunteer briefing.


Source: Event press release






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