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Yay but boo all at the same time!

By: Natasha Althoff


Hi there superstar riders!!!!


I trust you are enjoying the first couple of days of April and are excited about starting the 2nd quarter of the year with your new set of 90 day goals!


How did you go last quarter?! Did you get all your goals?!!?


I had quite a few 90 day goals:

  • Get to DJWTS
  • Qualify for the Kur
  • Get back to pre-pregnancy weight
  • And a whole lot of other business, family and life goals.

As many of you will know, I got to DJWTS - but I missed out on qualifying for the Kur by only a couple of marks. I am also 6kg off my pre-pregnancy weight. Sooooo how do I feel??!!? 


Natasha Althoff DJWTS


To be honest ... I am very human, and the first thing I felt was disappointment. Huge disappointment. Like stab in the heart, want to cry my eyes out, life is so crushing, disappointment. Like when you tell someone you love that you love them, and they reply, um thanks, and then walk away. 


I was thinking - why does disappointment hurt so much? And I think it’s because we don’t get to experience what we want to experience... I really WANTED to ride in the indoor and perform my Kur. When you tell someone you love them you WANT to be with them, and them not wanting you means you don't get to experience that as a reality, same as I didn't get to experience Saturday night under the lights, having fun riding my horse. 


So what can you do? Well firstly I let myself feel the pain of missing out on what I wanted. Yep it hurts. Yep it sucks. So mature :) ... But then what? 


I use it to fuel me. To strengthen my determination and resolve to work harder, be better and improve so I can make SURE I am there next time. At the end of the day all I can control is me and my horse, so all DJWTS taught me was I need to be better. I haven't been training him properly since I fell pregnant which was a year ago now! He has only been in full work for 2 months and he is improving and so am I! 


We have a long way to go and while I don't do excuses, it’s ok to not get the fairytale ending I wanted to have. This is Grand Prix! It’s the echelon of the sport. So you have to bring your best, you have to put in the time and the work to deserve it. I am looking forward to spending these 90 days working on getting Abe and I back to full strength and fitness and improving our lateral work which is our sticky point, to improve our scores and be deserving of the success which I know is coming our way.


I hope you all have a super 90 days coming your way and are using your disappointments to fuel your desire and commitment to your success!!!!!


To Your Success!!!!



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