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How flexible and fit are you - Well - Amanda Ross is both - and has a gorgeous range of gear that you can purchase as well
How to Become the Modern Human Equestrian Athlete
The days of a beer and a pie post-event are over. Amanda Ross discusses the importance of rider fitness...
Jamie Kermond Jumping the six bar...
Amanda Ross talks about raising the Barre
And no, she's not talking about jumping higher...
amanda ross blog pics
Amanda Ross' latest blog: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger
According to Amanda completing the Spartan challenge was physically one of the hardest thing she's ever done…
Shaw Shots - Peter Shaw Photography
The Empty Nest Syndrome
On Tuesday, Amanda Ross said goodbye to Willy and Forest, loaded them into a transporter, off to quarantine for a month, to then be flown to their new homes...
All 4 feet off the ground - Megan Jones and Kirby Park Allofasudden  - Adelaide - Jenelle Christopher
Full report and photos from Day 3 at Adelaide International
Well what a day! As per usual, there’s no rest for the wicked at Adelaide CCI, so it’s no surprise Jenelle and I have only just returned to our digs to blog/upload/argue with our technology…
Delta and Amanda Ross in the 1 Star at FOW
Amanda updates us on her latest adventures, Melton to Alice Springs to Noosa to Pakenham...
Running with the boys © Amanda Ross
How to become the modern human equestrian athlete
DO YOU WANT to be the James Bond of equestrian athleticism, the supremely skilled specimen, or the physical flop, the SpongeBob...
Delta and Amanda Ross in the 1 Star at FOW
Sunny Saturdays
The start of the eventing season is underway, & what could be more enjoyable than a perfect sunny Saturday at Werribee? Riding...
George Morris Clinic - Amanda Ross
Frostbite, breeding & budgets
Amanda Ross blogs about the cold, admin work and an annual breakdown of how much your horse cost that's better hidden from your husbands...
William Wordsmith and Amanda Ross through the water after a sticky moment into the water
The Human/Horse Tumble Dryer
After years spent competing at a high level as a professional rider, a lot of reactions come through experience. Being able to correct your position in unbalancing situations...

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