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Creating the ideal blend

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 The stunning lake

The stunning lake.

© Roger Fitzhardinge


By Roger Fitzhardinge

Harnessing one’s love of country life, wine making, equestrianism and entrepreneurialism takes special skills, dedication and an inherent love of the outdoors. Mark Dowling has managed to bottle the perfect blend at Centennial Wines.

Mark Dowling never holds back. He is passionate about life, his friends, his horses, his house and its gardens, not to mention his vineyard and winery. His vision of being surrounded by natural and cultivated beauty exudes both creativity and order. He is a man who never sits still and is very much at home whether riding a horse, digging a post hole, engaged in a business meeting, serving wines to the throngs who visit the winery for tastings, or simply having a dinner party and entertaining his friends. He is happy with his own company as much as he is in a group of boisterous acquaintances, yet is always looking to better his skills in any direction while remaining modest and unassuming. Mark is a lover of the outdoors and is actually a private guy who makes what he has for his own satisfaction and would never seek accolades for what he has achieved or produces.