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Hexham Polo Club

1. Hexham Polo Club

By La-Toyah Asha

The game of Polo has been regarded as ‘The Sport of King’ since the ancient times, where cadenced rapport between men and horses evolved it into a magnificent sport over centuries. Its origin has been recorded as played by nomads in Central Asia as a sport and war training which involved more than 100 men at one time. Later, with nomads’ immigration to Persia, it was declared as a national sport of Persia for Nobles and Army rankers. Successively, it was adopted widely by China, India, Japan and Tibet.

2. The polo ponies for Hexham Polo at Baker Bridge Polo Academy
The polo ponies for Hexham Polo at Baker Bridge Polo Academy

Recently, I got the chance to call on Hexham Polo Club (formerly known as Caramut Polo Club). The club, established in 1884 brings an incredible history of striving success for more than a century.
It was wonderful to know how Hexham Polo Club survived the peaks and Valleys of Polo’s regime in the history for more than a hundred years. Today, it has emerged as the oldest outlived club in Australia and stands as exceptional in Victoria; Australia’s second densely populated state.
3.Hexham Silverwear
Hexham Silverwear
Brilliant idea indeed, to find that Hexham Polo Club employs retired horses, which are the perfect match to the ideal alertness, fast pace and strength, required to make polo a worth-watching and much awaited game by keen spectators.
Excellent team members have been blessed to Hexham Polo Club in all the times. No doubt, it has always been a hardworking team that plays a definite pivotal role behind survival of the fittest. Currently, the club is represented by:
Steve Sprague as ‘President’
Charles Mann as ‘Vice President’
Dom as ‘Treasurer’ of the club
Marketing and Events Management is done by James Hood
Sam Gairdner is the ‘Club Captain’
Clemi Mann is responsible for ‘Horse Welfare’
Andrew Cripps represents the ‘Tournament Committee’
5.Original Hexham Team
The original Hexham team
Hexham Polo Club encourages and cherishes the company of all the Polo lovers from non-players to champions. Players are welcome at various levels of membership, which ranges from junior to senior to full player. Membership term varies from one month to a year, with the option to renew.
6.Big Hit Polo Event Media Launch in Geelong
Big Hit Polo event media launch in Geelong
Hexham Polo Club is the best place to socialize with other polo fans and players, enjoy riding and remain involved in other club activities around the game thus welcoming jovially to non-players.
7. Best dressed at this year Big Hit Polo Ball. Dress by Leiela There She Is. Thanks to Hexham Polo Club for the invitation.
Best dressed at this year's Big Hit Polo Ball. Dress by Leiela There.
Though, there are many tournaments that took place under Hexham Polo Club, like: 
URQUHART CUP, which is the most legendary annual tournament hosted by Polo Club since 1950 at various locations. It has been titled in the memory of Roddie Urquhart who was an active player and lost his life in World War I. later in his memorial, his son; A. Keith Urquhart’s family donated the trophy to Hexham Polo Club. Since then URQUHART CUP celebrates the contribution and efforts of Roddie and his family.
8.Equestrian Fashion Blogger at Big Hit Polo Event 2015
Equestrian Fashion Blogger La-Toyah Asha at the Big Hit Polo Event
The charm of URQUHART CUP has been following stunning silverwares: 
1. Urquhart Cup - A grade - Open 
2. Palmer Cup - B grade - 4 goal
3. Merrang Cup - C grade - 0 goal
The next URQUHART CUP will be witnessed on the 23rd and 24th of January 2016. It will be held on the eloquent estate of Eynesbury, which is just a 45 minute drive from the Melbourne Central Business District. If you’re a polo enthusiast, I  recommend that  you don’t miss this unique blend of socializing and spectacular play by champions.
9.Fun at the Big Hit Polo Event
Fun at the Big Hit Polo event
More than 20 teams join URQUHART CUP. These teams comprise of the best of star players.
On the evening of Saturday, the 23rd January 2016, Hexham Polo Club will also host an Australia Day Polo party. The location of the Polo Party is yet to be decided.
10. Credited as being the oldest club in Australia still in existence
Credited as being the oldest club in Australia still in existence
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