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How to dress at the races

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Melbourne Cup Carnival - Photo source: Racing Victoria

Dressing for the Spring Racing Carnival is about merging classic style with your individuality.

© Racing Victoria


By Virginia Dowzer & Equestrian Life

Want to make sure you're racewear ready for this year's Racing Carnival fashions on the field? Aside from covering your shoulders and not bearing your midriff, Virginia Dowzer, the clever stylist behind Flemington's  beautiful Spring Racing Carnival photo shoots, has these top 10 tips for how to dress at the races:


1. Women's hats are worn with a tilt to their right or straight.

2. Men's hats are worn with a tilt to their left side or straight.

3. Women's parts therefore should fall on their right, men's on their left - so that the hat covers the parting.

4. The shorter the dress the flatter the shoe.

5. The longer the dress the higher the shoe - wear wedges for comfort.

6. Hold your hand bag in your left hand - to shake with your right on greeting(s).

7. Flowers, brooches, badges etc, are worn on the left hand side lapel - above the heart - for both men and women.

8. Wear your watch on your left wrist, bracelets on the right.

9. Two 'points of focus' is key.  For example, a hot pink hat and hot pink bag - with a neutral dress, shoes, jewellery, etc. Or a bright yellow dress and a bright yellow hat, with neutral shoes, bag, jewels, etc. Don't add a third or forth focal point in the mix.

10. Adhere to individual race day codes of dress and colours.


Ashley Hart - Derby Day ©Getty Images

Derby Day

© Getty Images

Nikki Phillips ©Getty Images

Melbourne Cup Day

© Getty Images

Myer Fashions on the field womens racewear ©Getty Images

Melbourne Cup Day

© Getty Images

Derby Day Myer Fashions on the field millinery award - ©Getty Images

Oaks Day

© Getty Images

Jennifer Hawkins ©Getty Images

Oaks Day

© Getty Images

Myer Fashions on the fields womens racewear ©Getty Images

Oaks Day

© Getty Images





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