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Para-Dressage Leaderboard news

Victoria Davies and Celere. Image supplied.
The latest Para-Dressage leaderboard standings are out!
The latest Para-Dressage leaderboard standings have been released, with Victoria Davies retaining her lead aboard Celere...
Sharon Jarvis with Lord Larmarque © Equestrian Australia
In the Stable with Sharon Jarvis
Sharon Jarvis is one of Australia’s most decorated and recognised Para-Dressage athletes, who has won countless awards and titles over her career, with many more to come...
Zoe Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling
July Para-Dressage Leaderboard results
The July Para-Dressage Leaderboard results have been announced and are now available to view...
Victoria Davies and her imported Lusitano stallion, Celere © Photo Supplied by Victoria Davies
Para-Equestrian long list for Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Announced
Equestrian Australia is pleased to announce its long list of athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games...
Para-Dressage athlete Zoe Vorenas and Neversfelde Kipling © Stephen Mowbray
In the stable with Zoe Vorenas
Para-Dressage athlete Zoe Vorenas has never let set backs block her path to success. Her determination and positive attitude shine through, both in and out of the arena...
Kaye Hannah and Bradgate Park Wexford. © Bill Hamilton
Meet para dressage rider Kaye Hannan!
Kaye started riding at the age of 6 in the UK, a child of non-horsey parents – but still her love of horses and doing all for her horses has not changed in principle her entire life...
Amelia White and Lotus © Photo supplied by Equestrian Australia
In the stable with Amelia White
Para-Equestrian rider, Amelia White who has recently been named on the 2019 Equestrian Australia High Performance squad is no stranger to defying the odds and looking to the future with resolve and determination...
Victoria Davies and her imported Lusitano stallion, Celere © Photo Supplied by Victoria Davies
June Para-Dressage Leaderboard results
Congratulations to Victoria Davies, who has topped the inaugural EQ Life Para-Dressage National Leaderboard, which is an initiative from Equestrian Australia...
Lisa Martin and In Time. © Stephen Mowbray
New Equestrian Life Para-Dressage Leaderboards
EA High Performance, in consultation with rider feedback, have introduced a new Para-Dressage initiative...

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