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Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro topped the scores on day two of the dressage in Rio - Photo Credit Eric Knoll
The Dressage Guide
Dressage is a sport that is as complex as you want to make it. On the other hand it is simplistic, elegant, artistic, but disciplined...
Joao Victor Macari Oliva (BRA) at the World Cup Final - Photo Liz Gregg/FEI
Where did all my marks go?
Where did all my marks go?! Roger Fitzhardinge tries to answer the question asked by many a rider after a dressage test...
Gina Montgomery training © Roger Fitzhardinge
Being a better competitor
Can you get everything perfectly at home only to turn in to a mess when you head off to a competition? Roger Fitzhardinge discusses being a better competitor...
2015 Saddleworld Brisbane CDI - Photo credit: Roger Fitzhardinge
Roger Fitzhardinge's latest report from the Brisbane CDI
Roger Fitzhardinge reports from the Grand Prix Freestyle and Medium Tour Freestyle at the Brisbane CDI...
2015 Saddleworld Brisbane CDI - Photo credit: Roger Fitzhardinge
Report from day three of the Brisbane CDI
Roger Fitzhardinge and Andrew Stevens report from day three of the Brisbane CDI...
Remmington and Sue Hearn warming up
Report from the Brisbane CDI
On the ground reporter and judge Roger Fitzhardinge reports from day 2 of the Brisbane CDI...
Alycia Targa and CP Dresden
NSW Winter Dressage Festival
Roger Fitzhardinge wraps up the Winter Festival that attracted fantastic horses and well-contested classes.
Agnes Banks Equine Clinic horse
Sydney CDI Saturday interviews sponsored by Agnes Banks Equine Clinic
Today's EXCLUSIVE audio interviews by Roger Fitzhardinge with top Sydney CDI competitors are proudly brought to you by Agnes Banks Equine Clinic.
Sydney CDI Day Three ©Roger Fitzhardinge
Report from the Sydney CDI Grand Prix Freestyle
Drawing a thrilling three days at the Sydney CDI to a close was the always-exciting Grand Prix Freestyle. Roger Fitzhardinge reports on what was a very celebratory evening...
Silbermond winner of the CDI PSG ©Roger Fitzhardinge
Report from the third day at the Sydney CDI
Roger Fitzhardinge reports from the third evening of the thrilling Sydney CDI...

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