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BLOG: Father and son enjoying the same interest in life...

Oaks Volta on course at Geelong - Photo Credit Team Joyce

Oaks Volta jumping at the Geelong Show.

© Team Joyce


By Team Joyce

Wesley obviously got the horse passion from his father Wilfred, known as Bill. They both milked cows for many years and a cow pony was used to round up the herd instead of a motorbike. Bill rode the family pony, Butts, bareback until he reached the age of about 65 and Butts passed away at 32 years.


Wes riding Butts in Games at Pony Club back in the day, Team Joyce blog - Photo Credit Team Joyce

Wes riding Butts in a games event at Pony Club back in the day.

© Team Joyce

Wesley remembers riding Butts at Pony Club back in the day and said he was a feisty beast with plenty of go and made an exceptional games mount. Wesley’s mother Dorothy was also very keen on horses and loved being on the West Gippsland Zone committee to help stay in touch with all the action. Both would attend as many shows as possible barracking for Team Joyce and sitting on the sideline with a pen and paper taking down every combination’s results. They took great pleasure sitting in their kitchen, which looked out over the riding arena watching Wesley Sarah and Tiffany ride. Team Joyce have lived on the family farm for over 20 years now and the memories gained evolving around horses are a prize possession we shall keep close to our hearts forever. Bill has always shown a strong interest in what Wesley was breeding. He always said one day you must try and get the best. Well, he has made that possible today and we are very lucky to be in partnership of our new edition to the Lals Haven warmblood stud. Bill lives on his own now at the front of the farm.

“This new horse has given me something to focus on, can I visit often to see how he is going?”

“Of course,” Wes said.

It is perfect timing to have father and son enjoying the same interest in life together because we all know time is of the essence.


Wes and his dad Bill proud owners of Cera Ducati known as Handsome at home - Photo Credit Trish Joyce

Wes and his dad Bill, proud owners of Cera Ducati - known as Handsome at home.

© Team Joyce

Everybody likes to search something on the internet and Wesley loves researching bloodlines of horses from all over the world. He has spent many years studying which horses are doing well in his world of showjumping. Team Joyce purchased Oaks Volta, as you all know, over four and a half years ago and he is finally starting under saddle this year in the competition world. Wes believes he is extremely well bred – Volta oozes pure quality in the way of breeding and even better he gives Wes the feeling that he may well make a great jumper for the future.

Last year he sourced another youngster and fell in love with him straight away when we flew to Cera Stud, owned by Kerrie Parker, viewing him at only 4 weeks of age. For many reasons no deal was struck then, but as fate would have it Handsome - also known as Cera Ducati - is now in the Lals Haven Warmblood stable.


Horse transport arriving late at night with our prize   possession on board - Photo credit Team Joyce

The Southern Cross Transport truck arriving late Thursday evening with our prize possession on board.

© Team Joyce

Cera Ducati’s breeding is world class and he now lives in the little country town in Victoria.

Cera Ducati’s Sire is the current world No. 1 showjumping sire Diamant de Semilly out of Beate, whose mother is a full sister to Clinton I, Clinton II and Hirtin, the mother of Levisto Z.

Diamant de Semilly himself competed successfully at the 1.60m level. He was World Champion in the French team at the WEG in 2002 (9th individually) and on the silver medal winning team at the European Championships in 2003. He has already produced over 140 international showjumpers (1.60m) and is sire of the well-known stallions Diarado, Quickly de Kreisker and Emerald. Quickly de Kreisker is always a crowd favourite and well known for his phenomenal performance at Hermes in Paris earlier this year, which you can watch on our Lals Haven website.

Ok so what does all this mean in a nutshell? Team Joyce asks you to join us and follow ‘Cera Ducati’ just as you ‘ Watched Volta Grow ’. Oaks Volta is still growing, may I add! We hope to offer for sale many magnificent youngsters in the not too distant future by both of these world class stallions, giving everybody the opportunity to produce their very own jumping super star.


Wes and Oaks Volta placing 2nd - Photo Credit Team Joyce

Oaks Volta only two weeks ago placing second at Geelong Show. This was only his fourth time out competing.

© Team Joyce

To see some videos and pictures of Cera Ducati’s sire Diamant de Semilly and his dam Beate, please click here.


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