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BLOG: Team Joyce gives a lesson to the winner of the Swim Ride Run Equathon

Words and photos provided by Team Joyce

Team Joyce August Blog


Wes Joyce and Ebony Watson


Team Joyce are so pleased to be able to give back and offer a wonderful opportunity for the young horsey fanatics of today. Wesley gladly offered a showjumping lesson & a visit to our Lals Haven Stud for the Individual winner of the Balcombe Grammar Interschool Equathon. That winner was Ebony Watson from Clyde in Victoria riding her super grey pony, Tinker. Let's not forget that Ebony was not only showjumping, but endured a long swim and run as well! Please read on and enjoy Ebony’s story:


Team Joyce August Blog


"Hi, my name is Ebony Watson. I am 12 years old and I go to Beaconhills College. I am a member of the College Equestrian Team. In May 2016 the Team Director (Channelle Jenkins) informed us that Balcombe Grammar were holding an Interschool Equathon at Boneo Park on 3 June 2016. The event was run with two categories; teams and individual. The team consisted of a horse rider to jump a show jump course, swimmer and a runner. Individual meant you completed all three phases on your own. 


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Being a keen rider, and loving to run and swim, I entered in both the team and individual sections. The heights of the show jumps were done by age. The height for my age was 55cm. I was eventing prelim level (95 cm) at the time on my pony Tinker and decided to move up to the 16-18 year old age group which had show jumping at 95 cm. This also made the distance of the swim and run longer. The swim being 800m and the run was 3 kilometres.


Team Joyce August Blog

When we arrived at the event, I found where my school was and got myself organised. We had an early start that morning to get there on time and we didn't have time for breakfast. Fortunately, the Retreat Cafe' was open and had delicious homemade food. Mum bought me hot pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and 2 scoops of ice cream (my favourite). The first phase for me was the show jumping. I warmed Tinker up and did my round. I finished the course of 10 jumps with no time penalties, rails or stops. This put my team and myself in a good position. Next was the 3 kilometre run. I quickly changed out of my riding gear and into my running clothes. The starter blew the whistle and we were off. I came 3rd out of the girls and 1st in the individual section. Next was the 800 metre swim. I jumped in the car and dad and mum drove my friend Amy and I to the Peninsula Aquatic Centre (we didn't want to catch the bus) to complete the swimming phase. I hopped in the pool for a quick warm up. My race was the 5th race. I was exhausted when we were waiting for the whistle to blow so we could dive in. After 6 laps I thought I was finished and was horrified when I heard I still had 2 laps left. I came 3rd of the girls and 1st in the individual section.


Team Joyce August Blog

The overall results took about an hour to be posted but it was definitely worth it, I had successfully completed all phases and won the individual section and my team placed 2nd. There was a dias and I was called up by myself. Being my first time on a dias I had no idea what to do. I kept asking when to go down. I was very lucky to have received a lovely navy woollen rug for my pony, a white Amart sport hat, a gold medal for winning the individual and a silver medal for the team placing 2nd, 3 Masterclass sessions -  one with Team Joyce for show jumping and two sessions with Matteo Bruschi for swimming and running. 


Team Joyce August Blog


Sydney meets Oaks Volta

I had my show jumping lesson with Team Joyce on Friday 29 July, it was great apart from the fact that it was pouring down with rain at the start. Team Joyce made my family and I feel so welcome at their property. I also received a big bag of Horseland goodies as well. The whole experience has been wonderful. My brother Sydney was pleased to meet Oaks Volta in the flesh.


Team Joyce August Blog


Jo & Sydney happy that the rain has gone away


The Equathon was sponsored by Horseland. The event was very well organised and everyone was really friendly. Thank you to Claire McDermott who has been very kind in leasing me the wonderful pony Tinker for the past two years, we have enjoyed an exciting journey competing together, also thanks to my long time equestrian coach Nina Clarke who has been coaching and mentoring me for 6 years. Another thank you to the great support of the Beaconhills College equestrian team. The Balcome Grammar Equathon was a fantastic event to compete at. Thank you very much to the organisers and sponsors.  I encourage all students to get involved next year. I'll certainly be there."


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