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Christmas Guide: Think Fencing


Australian Company, Think Fencing have been designing and manufacturing composite fencing for the Equine industry for over 10 years.

Safety, durability, design and cost effectiveness are all major features of our range.

Think Fencing was born as a result of our own equine industry involvement and we designed our initial range to protect our greatest investment, our horses. Our fencing is designed to protect horses from the disastrous effects of lesser fencing systems. Its designed to minimise injuries to horse and rider by absorbing impact and flexing rather than acting as a rigid barrier.

Our fencing systems have the visual effect of painted timber, however, being made of advanced polymers, they never require painting, are resistant to termites, rot, heat and all weather extremes and come with a Lifetime warranty.

Available in plain colours and woodgrain finishes, all our colours are manufactured using a dual layer extrusion method which seals the colour into a dedicated outer layer. This results in durability beyond your wildest dreams, proven to last up to 50 years!

Think Fencing Equine fencing systems are so easy to install, you can do it yourself. And our electric fencing systems can be used with off the shelf hardware and energisers.

With no maintenance required… ever, and peace of mind for the safety of your horses, we are sure to become your perfect fencing partner.

Christmas Guide: Think fencing




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