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Do you know why 'rotating' wormers is outdated?


Jurox News Article Worms


Do you know which worms you need to worry about? Why ‘rotating’ is outdated and what the goal of worm management actually is?


These questions and more are answered during a three part webinar series on equine worm management recorded by Veterinary Animal Health Company Jurox, the manufacturers of Promectin® Plus Mini Allwormer

By watching this series you will receive the most up to date information on worm management and veterinary guidelines to keep your horses healthy.

Each webinar is only approximately 10 minutes in length and we recommend you watching them in order.



Click here to watch the series.



Technical Equine Veterinarian Dr Karen Kerr BVSc (Hons) BA, will check in regularly to see if you have any questions. So simply post them in the comments on the Equestrian Life Facebook Page.



Additional information can also be viewed at the American Association of Equine Practitioners.



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