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EQ Life May magazine: From dreams to reality



From dreams to reality

By Adele Severs

As equestrians, we all have dreams that we want to fulfil with our horses – whether it’s representing Australia on the world stage, entering the competition arena for the first time, or simply developing and enjoying a special partnership with our horse. In some cases, turning equestrian ambitions into achievements requires a little extra financial support.

It’s no secret that horses cost money. From feed, health care and equipment, to agistment or property upkeep, transport and competition fees, the costs add up. Throw ambitions into the mix, and sometimes there’s the need for additional financial support in order to transform these equestrian dreams into reality.

“A lot of the vision and passion behind what we do is to fund dreams,” says MoneyPlace Engagement Specialist Sarah McLaughlin.

While traditional lenders may be unlikely to fund many equestrian-related expenses, personal loan provider MoneyPlace doesn’t shy away from horses. It’s not about borrowing money we don’t have to buy a horse we can’t afford; it’s about making use of the financial tools available to ensure we can remain flexible in the care and management of our horses – while reaching our personal or business goals along the way...


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