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Easter Showjumping Fun Show Report

By Trish Joyce

Photos subject to copyright.

Team Joyce went away for Easter but of course it was to a horse show! Yarra Valley Showjumping Club ran the Easter Showjumping Fun Show over 3 days with heights ranging from 50cm right up to 1.30m in two rings. We took a truck full with LH Albert, For Fly Heendenlan Z, Ulouve BZ and Bolero de la Vie. 

The Beast parked at the yards

Parked truck in front of yards

Arriving on Friday morning, we were impressed with the wonderful facilities at Wandin Park, including the 120 yards, which quickly filled. The show attracted good numbers in all classes and by the afternoon there were 50 combinations ready to compete in the 90cm and 55 in the 1m courses, designed by Gary Baxter Ring 2 and Gavin Chester in Ring 1. 

Ian and Pat Mouser with Ulouve and Fly

Yards with Ian and Pat Mouser in front of Ulouve and Fly

Sarah and LH Albert had a cracking start to their show, jumping two faultless rounds in the 90cm class and making it in to the jump off, which suited them to a ‘T’. Wes and I cheered on the sidelines when they did their lap of honour with the 3rd place ribbon wrapped around Albi’s neck.

Sarah and LH Albert-1

Sarah and Albi jumping

I spent the afternoon cleaning all the tack, Sarah studied in the truck preparing for a big exam at University and Wes was socialising (he loves to socialise!). It was a fun night chatting and laughing with our good friends Ken and Vanessa Weir and Ian and Pat Mouser. Luckily the truck was very warm because we could have our heater on due to the excellent power provided by the hired generators onsite.  Toilets and water were situated closely as well, which made it very comfortable to stay over the two nights.

Dad and daughter walking to the ring

Dad and daughter off to the ring

On Saturday Wes rode Fly in the Open 1.05m and they placed 1st! Wes feels Fly is now ready to start the new season in the 1.10m-1.15m classes as he is not feeling as unsure as he used to on course and has stopped wandering left and right. Fly has a lot of ability and is very quick on his hooves; we think he may make a really good Speed horse.

Wes on Fly with judge Brian Scattergood

Wes on Fly with Brian Scattergood

Wes then rode all three horses in the Open 1.15m, which was changed from an AM5 to a Super Two Phase. Fly jumped a lovely clean round and ran 8th and Ulouve had one down in the combination and Bolero had an Oxer down. Sarah jumped LH Albert in the 80cm and just had one down and in the 90cm had two down. It was beautiful to watch both my Wesley jump in Ring 1 and at exactly the same time see Sarah jump her round in Ring 2. It’s one of those quiet moments you have all by yourself thinking how lucky am I?!

The whole event also became one big catch up and it was so nice to catch up with sisters Giselle and Monique Johnston, who were also having a fun weekend with their horses Franklin and Garrison.

Monique Johnston Wes Sarah and Giselle Johnston

Monique, Wes, Sarah and Giselle

The next class was the Open 1.25m and Bolero had two down but jumped well and Ulouve jumped a faultless clean round to make the jump off against 8 others. Wes was fourth out and put Ulouve’s hooves down, or the pedal to the metal’ so they say from the very start. Ulouve excelled and soaked up everything Wes suggested. This huge brave bold mare said “no worries” to all of it and jumped a wonderfully clean, fast round to place 2nd. 

Sheer delight

Sheer delight on Ulouve

Sunday morning was a much brighter day and there was no rain in sight. Fly was first to go in the 1.10m, unfortunately he had one easy rail and went again in the 1.20m and had two rails. Bolero was also in the 1.20m and he had one time fault but jumped very smoothly. 

Fly in the 1.10m

Wes and Fly jumping in the 1.10m

Bolero 1.20m

Bolero and Wes jumping in the 1.20m

Sarah rode Albi in the 85cm and also had one straight fence down. The Yarra Valley showjumping committee then put on an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. It was fabulous watching them run flat out around all the showjumps picking up eggs and putting as many as they could in a bucket. The smiles and giggles the wrestling on the grass was very humorous to watch. It was very kind of them to walk around to all of us oldies and offer an egg.

just some fo the successful Easter Egg Hunters

Some of the successful Easter egg hunters

The last class of the day was the Open 1.30m and Ulouve jumped a very good round, hesitating only slightly at a wing sign and pulling the back rail of the oxer down. I also helped warm up Jess, who was riding another Lal’s Haven Warmbloods horse, LH Folly. This was their first 1.30m and Jess was a little nervous. The pair went very well and Jess rode good lines, with an even tempo and had only one rail in the end. Bolero came out and jumped a good solid clean round making a fantastic shape over the fences. Only 4 horses were to come back for the jump off and Wes was last to go in the draw. Having the sit was to an advantage in one way but it still means the rider has to try and jump clean and fast. Only one clean round was obtainable so he needed to jump clean and he needed to pick up the pace if they had a chance at being the winner. Wes quickened Bolero’s pace right from the start. He thought Bolero would take off long at an Oxer but Bolero chipped in an extra stride and got very deep, but then out of nowhere climbed up and sailed over amazingly’. Then in the double they came far too close to one side of the B part and Wes nearly took the wing with his leg but made it clear, then landed in a good place to cut off a whole four strides making it quicker to get to the second last fence and cleared it to. Coming to the last Oxer we heard a tap and the rail bounced out of the cups and came back down on the cup and stayed there! Oh my gosh, everybody watching laughed and cheered! That was a fabulous last fence to have for the last show for the season. Wes had a massive grin on his face. It meant Wes had achieved two wins and one second all weekend and all three horses placed well. It also made Team Joyce very happy to announce Jess and LH Folly placed 5th, they were the fastest four faulter. 

Wes on Bolero winner of the 1.30m with judge Brian Scattergood

Wes and Bolero de la Vie and judge Brian Scattergood

Jess LH Folly with judge Brian Scattergood

Jess and LH Folly with judge Brian Scattergood

If you wish to read all the results from all classes go to the Yarra Valley Jump Club Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yarravalley.jumpclub?fref=ts

The Yarra Valley showjumping committee put on a wonderful show for over 100 riders over three days. The small group of workers worked flat out in all areas to keep the rings running smoothly. Even the children of some of the parents tried to help out on the gate to make things happier for the riders. People were buzzing with happiness enjoying the comforts of the seating alongside the arenas, having lunch, coffee or cakes strolling through the marquees buying a bargain! 

Well done everyone great show!

Team Joyce helped load up Bolero, Ulouve and Fly on Ian and Pat Mousers truck as they are going to their home for a well earnt spell. We loaded the champion Albi on our truck and took him back home and Sarah drove off in her little car back to University. Saying goodbye was really hard but Wes and I are going to drive Albi up to Wagga next week so we shall get to see our Sarah again soon.

Thank you to all our readers we hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs. Stay tuned because we think the next few blogs over the winter break will interest you greatly because not everything is always what it seems!! Bye for now happy riding.


Like the Lals Haven Warmbloods Joyce’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lalshaven.warmbloods

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