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New faces for Barastoc

By Trish Joyce

Twelve new candidates have been selected to join Team Barastoc. What a great way to meet and greet the newbies by bringing everyone together over a casual dinner to familiarise everyone with the new crew. For many years Barastoc have had the same faces but recently opened up their doors to welcome many more equine enthusiasts. They received over 500 applicants which proved to be a huge task to filter through and find out who would fulfil the criteria set. After the interview process the invitations were sent out accommodation booked and the royal treatment began. I am proud to announce there are now 10 Partner Riders and 8 Sponsored Riders. To view the list of riders, see pictures and read the profiles:


It was coincidental that Sarah and Tiffany would be home which meant it was to be a family of four for Team Joyce. Wes and I feel very fortunate that they still make the effort to willingly come along and part take in the Barastoc requests.

2015-08-27 09.56.50
Girls at the mill

Everyone was to meet for a lovely three course dinner at Punt Hill Dandenong . Barastoc /Ridley General Manager Adrian Lochland – Alex McCall Equine Business Manager-  Craig Neil Equine Specialist in field-  David Nash Equine Nutritionist  mingled amongst us all to make sure everyone felt  relaxed and welcome. Early morning brought a delicious breaky in the café downstairs followed by a quick bus drive to attend a mill tour and training day in Pakenham. 

breaky with the new sponsored riders
Everyone at the breaky

Craig and Wes
Craig and Wes

The welcome pack on our desks were another surprise containing our very own Barastoc business cards, Barastoc clothing and merchandise for us all to proudly wear exposing that famous Barastoc brand. Team Joyce were quite intrigued with the Ridley Barastoc Pakenham mill tour. They had actually shut down the workings for the day just so the guided educational tour could happen. A gentleman named Frederick led the two groups separately outlining the whole procedure he was a very knowledgeable Barastoc Mill Supervisor.

Group 1 of the mill tour
The group with Frederick

Frederick the Barastoc expert expressing how proud he is    of the state of the art machinery
Frederick showing the inside of the grinder

pelletts extruding out of the dye
The pellets being extruded from the grinder

 Here are some facts about the particular equipment we looked at

-Only pellets are made at Pakenham Mill

-Over 300 tonnes per day /  Over 1500 tonnes per week

- Pellets are extruded out at 95 degrees and it takes only 2 minutes to cool them down to a packaging temperature

- 1 day per week the mill produces equine pellets 

– 4 days per week dairy and pig pellets 

-The Mono mill (which was located in a different section) produces the chicken pellets  and is running everyday 

- There are 2 men on the floor managing the system. One person sits the whole time at the array of computer screens while the other is checking bags, taking deliveries. The mill is totally run by computers down to the 5g of additives going in to make Barastoc Calm Performer or Barastoc Competitor

- The additive Micro machine would shut down if there was a difference of 10g. Barastoc have state of the art machinery producing an immaculate product. 

addivitve process
Micro additive machine ( additive process )

Foreman sits here observing the computer sreens
Foreman sits here to view the computer screens

 some of the new sponsored riders ready for Barastoc training


Criag & David from the Barastoc Equine section gave very informative talks highlighting valuable points for the new and old’ Barastoc Ambassadors to remember when out in the public eye representing such a well-known brand. Team Joyce thoroughly enjoyed the new innovative tact Barastoc has taken to empower the equine industry by creating  Barastoc Ambassadors spread out all over Australia covering many disciplines. 

Team Joyce look very forward to the year ahead supporting the new Barastoc family.




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