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Product of the Week: AriatTEK™

Just Country Product of the Week
Ariat Sunstopper

How to stay cool with Ariat this Summer
The Ariat name is synonymous with quality in women’s English riding apparel. Innovative technologies and performance fabric features make Ariat English riding apparel for women true athletic performance wear. Ariat cool comfort technologies include fabrics that, reduce temperature, wick moisture from the body and deliver SPF protection. It’s easy to stay cool in summer in Ariat.
AriatTEK™ Heat Series Technology helps keep riders cool with moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry, SPF protection and breathable mesh construction. The AriatTEK™ Heat Series includes the Tri Factor ¼ Zip, Sunstopper ¼ Zip and Cambria ¼ Zip.
Icefil® technology is a Xylitol-based cooling system which reduces skin temperature by approximately 3°C. Also featuring highly efficient wicking fibres to rapidly pull moisture away from the skin for evaporation and nanoparticles woven into the fabric to provide sun protection. The Ariat Tri Factor ¼ Zip features Icefil® Technology.
Moisture Movement™ Technology pulls moisture away from the skin and transports it to the fabric's outer face for quick evaporation to keep you dry and comfortable. Moisture Movement™ features in the Tri Factor ¼ Zip, Cambria ¼ Zip, Polo shirts and the Sunstopper ¼ Zip.
Sun Protective Fabric™ protects the skin by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. The SPF technology is included in the Tri Factor ¼ Zip, Cambria 1/4 Zip and Sunstopper ¼ Zip.
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Ariat has the technology to keep you cool in the saddle this summer. Find your nearest Ariat stockist

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