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Product of the Week: Central Steel Build

Central Steel Build

Building a private-use indoor riding arena is a huge task. The complexity and detail involved can make your head spin - unless you find an equestrian construction expert.

Where can you find an equestrian construction expert? Central Steel Build has a team dedicated to equestrians who want to build indoors, stables & shelters.

These experts have years of experience in understanding the special needs of equestrians and their horses. Safety, airflow, vehicle access - even the details of what it’s like to ride in an indoor – these experts make the building process simple. 

They take care of permits, design, engineering and construction. All you need to bring is your ideas.

To contact an equestrian expert for a consultation, click here. (LINK: www.centralbuild.com.au/equestrian-facilities/ )

“The team has been fabulous from start to finish. It’s an open and airy, friendly workspace for the horses. It’s everything we want and more. It’s so secure, the horses are happy in there and I really enjoyed the experience working with Central Steel Build.”
- Janelle Bean-Thornton, Lucifers Lodge.
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