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Peter Huntington, B.V.Sc., M.A.C.V.Sc.Director of Nutrition, Australia talks about feed the over weight horse

 Feeding the Over Weight Horse 


Owning a good doer presents a different set of nutrition challenges and this is doubly true if the horse is susceptible to becoming overweight. Achieving weight loss in horses can be just as problematic as realizing weight gain. 

The greatest concern revolves around limiting feed intake to keep the horse at an optimal weight for its height and structure. Careful rationing of feed coupled with an appropriate exercise program will likely produce a slimmer, more athletic, and ultimately a happier, horse.

So how do you safely meet their nutritional requirements without gaining unwanted condition? As concentrated feeds can attribute to weight gain, overweight horses are maintained on forage only diets. While limited grazing time may help weight reduction, the horse will not receive sufficient quantities of essential vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies may be negatively reflected in the general health, immunity, hair coat or tolerance to work.   

Many people fall into the trap of giving a token feed of a normally fortified feed. If you are not providing the amount the feed manufacturer is recommending you will also be restricting the amount of micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) your horse receives. Cut calories not nutrients! 

Look for a low intake vitamin and mineral supplement that is low in calories but will provide essential vitamins and trace minerals to your horse, such as Barastoc Groom. It is certainly easier and more accurate to purchase a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement over trying to add a bit of everything and mix your own. Watch Peter’s YouTube segment for more information.


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Peter Huntington, B.V.Sc., M.A.C.V.Sc.Director of Nutrition, Australia 


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