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Product of the week: KER Bio-Bloom® HF – Research Proven to Improve Hoof Health

KER Bio-Bloom® HF - April product of the week!

Product of the week: KER Bio-Bloom® HF



We all want out horses to look and feel their best!  Don’t let hoof and coat condition be the thing that lets the picture down.  Weak, split or cracked hooves are all factors that may cause lameness, loss of performance or require time off. 

Understanding how different nutrients contribute to hoof and coat health, how balancing and formulating diets to supply adequate levels of these nutrients, is critical to ensure optimal hoof and coat condition. 

Increase Hoof Integrity

Understanding the impact of nutrition on hoof health, requires knowledge of hoof wall growth.  Hoof growth is dynamic with the hoof wall constantly growing, producing new cells and re-modelling tissue from the inside out. 

The combination of biotin, methionine and organic zinc provided in KER Bio-Bloom HF have been shown to be beneficial for optimal hoof growth, development of strong hoof wall and a high quality.  Recent research has demonstrated a 23% increase in hoof growth for horses fed KER Bio-Bloom HF compared to those not receiving it.

Improve Coat Quality

An improvement in coat quality has been reported in as little as 2 weeks after commencing KER Bio-Bloom HF.  High quality lecithin and soybean meal contain essential fatty acids and amino acids which are required for healthy skin and a shiny coat.  

Selecting a Hoof Supplement

When making changes to the horse’s diet to improve hoof quality and strength, keep in mind that remodelling and subsequent hoof wall improvement happens from the inside out so it will take anywhere from six to twelve months for the entire hoof wall to be replaced.  It is therefore, imperative that you start rectifying these problems as soon as possible. 

1.    Ensure that the supplement you chose contains an adequate amount of biotin, methionine and zinc for optimal function.  Studies have shown that horses with poor hoof quality supplemented with 15-20mg biotin per day have improved hoof quality.   Organic zinc is considered more bioavailable and should be the form of choice in a hoof supplement.  Zinpro Performance Minerals® organic zinc has been shown to enhance hoof growth and is the source of zinc used in KER Bio-Bloom® HF.

2.    Always ensure you add KER Bio-Bloom HF to a ration that is already meeting the horse’s basic everyday vitamin and mineral requirements.  Adding a hoof supplement to a diet that is not already meeting these requirements means that the nutrients will go to make up the shortfall of these nutrients and maintain other functions in the body, rather than being supplied at levels beyond basic requirements to help improve hoof and coat quality.   If your horse is a good doer, on a forage only diet, or you are feeding below the recommended feeding rates of the feed that you are feeding, adding a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement such as KER Gold Pellet® or KER Nutrequin Se® will balance the ration first, thereby ensuring that you get the most out of KER Bio-Bloom HF.

3.    Palatability is key!  Even the most well formulated supplement is not going to do your horse any good if it stays in your horse’s feed bucket!  KER Bio-Bloom HF is a highly palatable, easy to feed pellet formulation for ease of feeding.

For more information about KER Bio-Bloom HF or helping to improve your horse’s skin, coat and hooves, contact Kentucky Equine Research’s FREE Nutrition Consultation Service on 1800 772 198 or email advice@ker.com
Competition Time!

For your chance to win a 3kg tub of KER Bio-Bloom HF valued at $129.95, simply email advice@ker.com and tell us why in 50 words or less your horse needs KER Bio-Bloom HF.  Competition closes 03.05.19.





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