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2014 Starts with a Bang!

2014 Starts with a bang!
By: Trish Joyce
Team Joyce have started the New Year with a boom! Tiffany left in the first week of January flying to China to study Chinese Law for the month completing a summer subject over her holidays and Sarah is home on the farm learning how to scan mares and inseminate them while also attending Work Placements for University observing many different facets like pigs and turkeys. Wes is riding and starting to break in a few young ones and stay tuned for news about our Oaks Volta, but that’s for the next blog!
The first show for Team Joyce was the Boneo Park Summer Showjumping Carnival, which was held over four days at the Boneo Park Equestrian Centre. We arrived on Friday morning with LH King Arthur, LH Pugsly and LH Albert. Boneo Park was a hive of action first thing in the morning with riders and horses everywhere, the yards were full up as were the camping places. This was sure to be a great show with plenty of competition and the warm weather brought on many thirsty competitors and strappers. It was fabulous to see a great array of trade stands as well as food options as well. Honestly Boneo Park have really risen the bar by not only providing a venue with top class riding facilities for horse and rider but also for the  general public to come along and enjoy a full day out and comfortably watch top class showjumping all day long under a shaded umbrella. And it never hurts to be able to indulge on a delicious ice cream whilst doing all of this!
Our first class was the Open 1.20m for Wesley on LH Pugsly, Bolero de la Vie and Ulouve BZ. LH Puglsy and Ulouve BZ both had one rail; Bolero de la Vie jumped a clean round and had one down in the jump off. 
Next to go was LH King Arthur in the Open 1.30m and the King did not disappoint in any way. There were eleven clean rounds and The King jumped one of them, placing 6th. This was to be his preparation for the 1.40m Boneo Cup the following day. Sarah had a go on LH Albert in a 1.04m class (which had been moved from Ring 2 into Ring 1 to help Ring 2 finish at a reasonable hour due to large numbers) and was going quite nicely until the approach to fence 6, where they drifted to the left on take-off, meaning coming to fence 7 was even more to the left not in the middle and LH Albert preferred to totally run out. Unfortunately this left Sarah hoping and falling, swiping her arm on the wing on her way down. Then Albi nicely cantered off and out of the arena saying “goodbye” to all not looking back at any stage. Sarah was winded but walked away with just a bruised arm and by the time we were walking back, Albi was given to us by a nice gentleman who had kindly caught him for us. She slept well and decided to enter in the Open 95cm in Ring 2 for starters in the morning and then go back to Ring 1 and attempt the Open 1.04m once again late Saturday afternoon. 
On Saturday morning Bolero de la Vie and Ulouve BZ were entered into the Mornington Peninsula Shire Mini Prix with a starting height of 1.30m and there were 24 starters .Bolero had two fences down but still felt very confident and happy coming out of the arena. Ulouve BZ jumped a super clean round to make the jump off with nine others. Team Joyce were so chuffed to see LH Beckham ridden by Robbie Agnew also in the jump off as well. 
Lovey jumping
The jump off was tense from start to finish and everyone had a good crack. Melissa Frosech was miles ahead of everyone by 8 seconds and Ulouve BZ placed a credible 3rd. Wes was beaming with their triumph. It’s always pleasing for such a young horse to not only try but feel so good and strong, Wes is very excited for future classes ahead in the season. LH Beckham placed 6th as well.
Wes & Ulouve BZ with the Peninsula Sire Councillor being awarded their third rosette
The next class was the pinnacle of the whole show; the Boneo Park Grand Prix, which was set at 1.40m and the horsepower entered, was very strong. Many people came just to watch this event, and it was definitely the highlight of the show. LH King Arthur was going to have to put his best hoof forward to make this course look easy. He warmed up well looking loose through the back and neck when sailing over the huge warm up fences and after seeing the other horses jump the course so well we could only hope he could do the same. 
the crowd
wes arthur walking in
Wes and Arthur going in
The pair cantered off after the bell and approached the first fence with a good strong canter. Right from there I could see our King was going to go ok. He sailed over the double of doubles with ease (to think that last year this is exactly where he had his trouble with the distances as he would jump in to big and get to close and just pluck the B combinations). But not today, he sucked back and pushed up high and glided over the rails. On approach to the second last fence Wes’s helmet fell over his eyes on landing and as he took one hand off the reins to push it up the fence was there and they were a bit too deep, Arthur tried, but just tapped it and it fell. But they cleared the last dazzle board with ease. Sarah and I jumped with glee and Wes patted his pride and joy with happiness. He was very content and very pleased with their result. They finished with 4 faults and were able to come back for the second round of which there were two clean rounds in the first section. 
sarah walking arthur before the jump off
Sarah walking Arthur before the second round
Wes was first to go in the second round, as he was the slowest of the four falters. In the second round The King had another rail to finish on 8 faults. Sometimes the riders do stir each other to try and put each other off their game, but it is all in good fun. Wes said he had nothing to lose as he was the worst of them all and so poor Russell Hearn coped it all when he was in the ring. Everyone even the crowd were chanting for him to go faster, “Come on Russell!!” then you could only hear a huge “ARRRR” when the last rail fell to the ground because we had all thought he was going to jump clean. Stevie Hill’s shoulders puffed up big time when he realised he was the declared the winner because even though he also had had a rail, his round was a tad faster than Russell’s. The winners for each of the main classes received a beautiful garland, rug along with a rosette. The rosettes were so different and so nice I am sure each place getter felt they would keep this special award as a memento.
Wes Arthur placing 4th Boneo cup standing with Bronwyn Mc Naught and Russell Hearn placing 5th
Wes and Arthur placing 4th, standing with Bronwyn Mc Naught and Russell Hearn placing 5th
Sarah and LH Albert were pumped up to have a go in the Open 95cm in Ring 2 and tried to regain their confidence, and that they did as the pair cruised around nicely. This made Sarah very pleased so she had another go at the 1.04m in Ring 1 later. Let’s not forget this was Albert’s first attempt at 1.04m so yesterday was not his fault nor Sarah’s, it was a combination of both. This time Sarah was trying extremely hard to keep him in the middle of every fence with a good solid canter and light pressure on his mouth so he could stretch. LH Albert is still learning and being such a big horse and having such a long stride he sometimes runs past the spot and does not get up quick enough therefore plucking a rail or two. But that’s ok it’s just time and more rounds. The 1.04m attempt back in Ring 1 was terrific and they had only one rail, making it unscathed through the start and finish flags. Her smile was beaming with absolute happiness.
The King was having a well earnt rest on Sunday and LH Pugsly had a round in the Open 1.15m. Ulouve BZ had just the last fence down and Bolero de la Vie jumped clean in the first round and came back for the jump off against nine others. Wes took as many tight turns as possible without going too fast and finished well enough to win the class. 
bolero1 - Copy
If you wish to read a full list of all four days results or 29 classes click here http://www.equestrianlife.com.au/articles/Results-Boneo-Park-Summer-SJ-Carnival
Team Joyce had a wonderful three days of showjumping at Boneo Park and look very forward to going back again. Thank you Boneo Park for another outstanding showjumping event. Your organisation, friendliness and continuous efforts to make sure everyone feels welcome are exceptional. How could anyone not want to be apart of an event held there!
We are off to Sale in two week’s time so bye for now!
To read more updates on Team Joyce visit lalshaven.com.au
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