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Breeds of the world: The Friesian

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Friesian stallion - Labelled for reuse

Friesians are known for their high-stepping gait.


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Originating from Friesland in the Netherlands, the Friesian resembles a light draught horse - but is actually quite graceful and nimble for its size. It is believed that during the Middle Ages, ancestors of the breed were used as was horses throughout continental Europe as their size and build allowed to carry a knight in armour.


Friesian - Labelled for reuse

Although the modern Friesian has been bred as a carriage horse, the breed excels in a number of disciplines - particularly dressage.

The breed is typical black in colour with minimal (or no) markings - although occasionally they are chestnut as some bloodlines carry the ‘red’ gene. Today, there are two distinct conformation types—the "baroque" type with the more robust build of the classical Friesian, and the modern, "sport horse" type that is finer-boned.


Friesian foal - Labelled for reuse

One of the best known Friesians in Australia is Jeremy Janjic’s Django of Cacheral. This stunning stallion competed at Grand Prix level.


A understandably emotional Jeremy Janjic was a crowd favourite with his last ride on Django of Cacharel who retired tonight

Django and Jeremy farewell the crowd at Equitana

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