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Przewalski horse
Breeds of the world: Przewalski's horse
The Przewalski's horse, otherwise known as the Mongolian wild horse once roamed across parts of central Asia and Europe...
The beautiful Spanish Riding School © Dorte Tuladhar
Majestic Masters
The historic Spanish Riding School lets us go behind the scenes for an insiders look at the home of the famed Lipizzaners...
Horse eye.
Human anti-doping webinar open to all Equestrian Australia members
EA Performance Support and Wellbeing Manager, Alison Alcock, will be delivering an education webinar...
woman patting horse free from pixabay
One mum’s quest to help children with autism using horses
The first time Cristelle Capitani introduced her son to her horse, she says her normally disengaged boy came to life...
Jack Ryan with his home-bred Irish Sport Horse BBS McGregor. © FEI/Martin Dokoupil
Irish see off strong challenge from UAE for first-leg victory in Abu Dhabi
The hosts chased them every inch of the way to finish a close second...
Mary Hanna and Syriana. © Kirsty Pasto / Equestrian Australia High Performance
FEI competition kicks off in Australia with World Championships Qualifier
Six combinations achieved the required score to secure half of their Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER) for the FEI World Championships...
Simone Peace and Millennium, the ‘Deutsches Sportpferd Elite Stallion of the Year’. © Deutsches Sportpferd
Millennium named ‘Deutsches Sportpferd Elite Stallion of the Year’
The Trakehner stallion, ridden by Simone Pearce, has been named the ‘Deutsches Sportpferd Elite Stallion of the Year’...
Grand Prix legends Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. © Arnd Bronkhorst
Get smart, set goals
Kerry Mack discusses developing precise goals, defining them, and devising plans to achieve them...
Jayden Brown and Senator Nymphenburg with naming right sponsors Grant Perry and Penny Verco from Homes and Acreage ©Click Capture Photography
Final Day from the Boneo Park Summer Dressage Championships
Music echoed through Boneo Park and spectators and riders danced to the chosen compositions...
Lindsey Ware and Aristede © Boneo Park
Catch the Freestyle action from the Boneo Summer Dressage Championships
Tune in today from 8am to catch the Freestyle action via Equestrian Life's live stream...

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