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Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy. © Roger Fitzhardinge
When a picture speaks a thousand words
"You have to simply love photography. The wonder of equine balance and movement. Enjoy the imaginary feeling this photo expresses…”
Catherine Dufour and Bohemian.
Cathrine Dufour leaps up the world rankings with new star
Danish dressage star Cathrine Dufour has been the big mover in the latest release of the FEI World Dressage Rankings, rising from number 28 to number 7 with her newcomer Bohemian...
Rob Mckay and Gat. © Katherine Jamison
Equestrian Life’s April virtual competition is now live!
With events cancelled across the country, we’re giving riders the opportunity to continue competing via the wonders of the web!
Towing a horse float - No credit needed.
Know how to tow?
The first step to safe towing is to ensure that your vehicle and float are built for purpose...
Beautiful Marwari
Breeds of the world: Marwari horse
The Marwari horse comes from the Marwar region of India, and is known for its inward curving ears...
Warwick in action at a clinic in Canada. © Logan Darrow
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Warwick Schiller explains that cultivating the inherent nature of horses is the secret to making them happy...
Horse riding on the beach in Thailand.
Thailand hit by African Horse Sickness, killing over 100 horses
"This disease has just occurred in Thailand..."
Queensland Light Horse marks 160th anniversary.
Queensland Light Horse marks 160th anniversary
On Sunday 8th of March, today’s Light Horse members gathered from around the state to march through the streets of Brisbane to honour those who had come before...
Archaeologists discover polo was played on donkeys in China 2,400 years ago
Polo is known as the sport of kings and is one of the most prestigious events associated with equestrian. But when and where did the idea of hitting a ball with a stick from horseback come from?
Sönke Rothenberger and Cosmo. © Roger Fitzhardinge
When a picture speaks a thousand words
"When I teach, I often take my camera and shoot during the lesson. I then look at the digital image right away. The camera doesn’t lie…"

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