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Emma Booth - © Geoff McLean (single blog use only)
BLOG: Calming those competition nerves
EQ Life blogger Emma Booth explores competition nerves and how to tame them...
The Warm up arena was full of super horses ©Roger Fitzhardinge
101 Exercises From Top Riders
Everybody hates the walk pirouette, but I think it is one of the best exercises because it has wonderful effect on closing the horses hind legs...
Sophie and Polly at Ballarat Hickstead, 2014. © Jenelle Christopher
Scoring The Hat-Trick
While shopping for your next young horse can be fun, it can feel like a gamble trying to identify the three main traits that eventing will demand...
Horse paddock.
Pasture Master Class
Good soil and pasture are often overlooked when choosing a property. We ask a specialist how to get the best pasture for our horses...
Toptac June 23rd news article image 3
Noble Outfitters - The Perfect Equestrian Wear for Any Weather
Keep warm and dry this winter with Noble Outfitters...
Alienor le Gouvello on the road with River, Cooper and Roxanne. © Gitta Steffes
Hit the Trail
From the mountains to the deserts, beaches and the bush, the country looks even better from a horse's back...
It is always important to have a stethoscope in your first aid kit. © Shutterstock
That strange gut feeling
Horses are simple-stomached herbivores designed to graze pastures for extended periods of the day and night. That is, until humans started looking after them...
Know when not to persist, and only push yourself if you are prepared. © Franz Venhaus
Never Stop Persevering
"I think successful riders tend to be people who are attracted to riding partly because it is difficult. Successful riders enjoy the challenge," says Kerry Mack...
Edward Gal riding Glock's Zonik, second FEI World Cup Dressage™ Amsterdam. © FEI/Digishots
CHIO Rotterdam underway
Edward Gal has won the Grand Prix with Glock’s Zonik…
FEI World Cup Jumping competitor reminder
The 2018/2019 Australian League FEI World Cup Jumping season is set to begin on 28th July in Caboolture...

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