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FEI Dressage Rider & Performance Coach - Natasha Althoff

Natasha Althoff Your Riding Success May Blog
BLOG: The three biggest mistakes riders make in competition
There are a number of common mistakes riders make when riding dressage tests...
Natasha Althoff Your Riding Success May Blog
BLOG: #MotivationMonday
Natasha Althoff tells us how to stay motivated through rain, hail and shine PLUS gives us a tour of her marvellous new stables... [VIDEO]
Natasha Althoff ©Jessica Atkins Equestrian Photographics
Make 2016 your best riding year yet
Equestrian Life blogger Natasha Althoff reflects on the highs and lows of 2015, and looks forward to what the new year will bring...
Natasha Althoff and Gretchen
Big news for Natasha Althoff
Blogger Natasha Althoff shares her baby joy, her plans to get back into competition and the 3 biggest mistakes with your seat in sitting trot...

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