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WEG - Vaulting

Switzerland vaulting compulsory test team at the 2018 FEI WEG © FEI/Liz Gregg
Double gold for Germany; Boe and Leclezio in a league of their own
Team Germany, their individual female star Kristina Boe and Lambert Leclezio from France all took gold...
Italy’s Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini - © FEI /Christophe Taniere
Italy makes Vaulting history at WEG
Silvia Stopazzini and Lorenzo Lupacchini take the gold medal in the highly competitive, action packed pas de deux class...
Sarah Grayson on Charles the Great - © Michelle Terlato
Well done to the Aussie vaulters
The Australian vaulters contested in the nations cup team freestyle, the male and female individual classes and the pas de deux freestyle last night...
Stephanie Dore on Lunar Eclipse - © Michelle Terlato
Aussie vaulters in action at WEG
The Australian vaulters were in action early today at the World Equestrian Games, with the individual female and male classes contested…
Australian Vaulting team for WEG has been chosen © Thierolf
Australian Vaulting team named for World Equestrian Games
Equestrian Australia is pleased to announce the Australian Vaulting Team...
Jamie Hocking - © Equestrian Australia
2018 FEI World Equestrian Games Vaulting Long List
The long list has been announced...

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